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  1. counting and 20 is boom!

    6 You blew up without saying good bye.
  2. King of the Hill

    Doto. Mainly But I will change, for christmass I hope, I need more buttons and this one is close to die.
  3. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Bah, I know basics like doing fades, or textes, but no more. Wait... Are you sayin "easy to learn" like you do with learning recorded ?
  4. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Yes, I know that the Murican system works like that. But imo, it's just a control system to be sure that people gonna work immediately after studies. One guy said me that you can't avoid loans for studies, except if your parents are rich. But it's totally a political choice, and I'm not comfortable to talk about it. I have no idea how it works btw. I worked on windows movie maker when I was 13-14 to do little clips (Yeah, it was way better and complicated than today), then I used AVS video editor, and now, VEGAS PRO BIATCH. I hope I'll find time to learn it. It's 10 years I have my composer (fruity loops) and I still ignore 95% of its functionalities...
  5. Throw something at the user above you.

    Throws poo... Pool.
  6. MLP Association Game

  7. You Can only talk with pictures

  8. Throw something at the user above you.

    Throws a pipe ! Just a pipe !
  9. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Ah yes, debts... I prefer to not get stuffs and avoid them when it's possible. The only one I plan to do in my life is to purchase a cute house in mountain, not too isolated, but peaceful
  10. MLP Association Game

  11. Throw something at the user above you.

    Throws a single single.
  12. You Can only talk with pictures

  13. Last To Post 3: Revenge

    Ah... Sad. That's why I have no car. If I had one, I would leave to my parents again