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  1. Bakaarion

    MLP Association Game

  2. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures

  3. Bakaarion

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    It's a stylized hockey cross, look better, they are Canadian. Be serious, do you see me sending a filly to an unknown ? @Fintale You avatar is illegal according to the new copyright law, article 13. I'm serious. And mine too. Twice illegal.
  4. Bakaarion

    A counting game...With a twist!

    94 No !
  5. Bakaarion

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    I dress you up in canon bullet and sen you to the moon.
  6. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures

  7. Bakaarion

    MLP Association Game

  8. Bakaarion

    "Word" Association Game

    (Wow, timing, my parents neighbor had an earth attack last week)
  9. Bakaarion

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    In view of the thousands of words I type each days in pony forums, I don't mind talking about MLP for an entire week end. Actually, for an entire life, but who knows, we probably get bored of all. I'm actually writing a top 7 for the mane 7, 6 pages on my writer and I didn't finished yet, I start top 1 Rainbow Dash. No doubts that I would need thousands words more to explain the awesomeness. Well, if you can't come, he will be disappointed, one more time.
  10. Bakaarion


    Granted, but it makes MJ so sad that people know his secret that he just wanna live on the moon, and never sing again. I wish I rule the world in 5 years instead of 15 as planned.
  11. Bakaarion

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Planes are less expensive in Canada ? Yes, In fact the end of BronyCon announcement definitely made me decided to go to one convention before G4 ends. Even if I don't especially love conventions, I realized it's probably not for ever. But because I'll come, they will probably make it for some years more. No it's not a trap, you know how bronies are, I'm the exception to the rule. I'm always the exception to the rule.
  12. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures