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    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Come to the light side, my son"
  2. Bakaarion

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    Thunder wave. You are paralyzed, you cannot post here for 24 hours.
  3. Bakaarion

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    Meeeeee too.
  4. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures

  5. Bakaarion

    Post High-Quality Video Game Rips

    One of my favourite OST ever.
  6. Bakaarion

    Will the Switch fail?

    I think it can't be worst than the wii U, that is impossible. But I don't know if it will be a success. My personal opinion is yes : I'm sure so many people will be disappointed by the specs (those who consider that the switch will be a PS4 pro portable), and probably the battery life too, I think no more 4h in game, when I read some people want 6 or 8 hours battery life... But I'm convinced that the nintendo's games will be awesome, even if the switch is a new super 3DS++. Did u saw what they can do graphically with a wii/wii U ? Contrariwise I'm very pessimist about the non-nintendo games. When I see some Xone/PS4 games crashed or display a sad framerate, I think they are not able to develop on a lower console. Plus, nintendo fanboys like me will not buy all games on switch, I have a PC and I prefer to play on it for a better experience (exit Skyrim and co).
  7. Bakaarion

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    Go to sleep, now.
  8. Bakaarion

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Deal with it"
  9. Bakaarion

    Their's a weird side to friendship !

    Immune, I already watched
  10. Bakaarion


    The animation is cool !
  11. Bakaarion


    Hello CrimsonDown, welcome to the forum(s) ! Most of people are shy in real life (I hate that "real life" expression, kind of degrading), and forums are the best way to override. I noticed here, everybody like cute pink ponies, after all, I think we have no lesson to give. What is your favorite programming language ? What do you do with ?
  12. Bakaarion

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    MLP FiM Season 7 coming soon with a NEW TRAILER ! Some graphics changes.
  13. Bakaarion

    Which type of pony would you be?

    Pegasus. I just want to sleep on a cloud.
  14. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures

  15. Bakaarion

    You Laugh You Lose V.1

    RIP. I prefer epic clumsiness
  16. Bakaarion

    Ask a random question

    christmas no, new years eve yes. Is Spike the true Dragonborn ?
  17. Bakaarion

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Why I have to clean the chimney ? I want the library back..."
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    Hello, welcome to the forum ! Ow, regards ponies preferences, you are like my evil twin Except about Celestia, I approve.
  19. Bakaarion

    Last to Post: EqD Edition

    Wake me up when I won.
  20. Bakaarion

    Positivity in 2017~

    A year with a new true Zelda can't be bad. Along with mass effect Andromeda, and new MLP episodes, .... I'm so excited about that 2017 is here, knocking at the door, I'll hug him. Oww.... it was the postman. SORRY BRO ! - bill, bill, bill, ...
  21. Bakaarion

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    Male Hetero, original, so much...
  22. Bakaarion

    What's the first episode you watched?

    It was the episode when Twilight become an alicorn and she asks some advices to Celestia and Luna. The episode was not impressive, are you sure MLP is as great as you claim ? I really started to watch the next year, I understood, yes it is. But the first episode I really enjoyed was the 6th, with Trixie, and Twilight who fus-ro-dah the ursa minor.
  23. Bakaarion

    You Can only talk with pictures