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  1. Hmm, I don't totally agree with this fandom thing. Of course it has nothing to do with right back to 2013/2014, but as a "late brony (late 2016)", I consider that it was way too crazy before, and I use crazy term for not using cringe one.

    It just led to anti-bronies too, those are totally dead now. however, we still have daily news and discussions all over internet. Less but passionate. Our fandom is just no longer such a kid that annoy the world by spreading ponies everywhere.

    I consider that the fandow grew up. It became more reasonable, more quiet as the adults we now are, more moderated or modest. Maybe that time also sorted us making the "less fans" (no offense to them) finally leave quicker, somewhere.

    Honnestly I don't know when will be the end, but I see too much real passion for it end now or soon, I may be wrong about everything of course, but I see that Bronies need ponies that have no equivalent yet.

    This year I planned to go to my first pony con (galacon), and I met many people to go there !

  2. Yes, ah, kids nowadays emote.RDlaugh.png

    Yes, English is even lingua franca all over internet, not just in Europe. But I understand, I remember a few years ago, I was a bit afraid by subscribing English stuffs (games, forums) in order to improve it. I remember when I subscribed this forum, I wasn't certain that my poor English won't annoy people after 50 messages. And each time you go in a foreign place, you think what if... What if... What if...

    Now I'm going to Germany next July, and I won't learn German, I'm absolutely certain that all will be fine, at the convention or at the hotel. And I'm not even a good English speaker (I write much better than I talk, and as you see my English is not flawless).

    I think people know that learning a language require a lot of time. We all learned a foreign language at school, and remember how we were bad. At least in Europe, 100% of pupils have to study a foreign language before leaving school. A large part of them will never speak that language and forget everything after some years, but at least they know how difficult it is, so nobody would blame you.

  3. Yes, dedication to speak a foreign language is huge, most of people that want to learn one underestimate it strongly.

    Also... When your native language is English, I think that you can travel almost everywhere, people know English more and more, and it's usually required to work in a touristic related job. (guide, receptionist, ...). For what I know, speaking English is a good plus to work everywhere when you have to converse, even a bit, with people.

    So imo you always can find somebody that speak English. I traveled over Spain, Italia, Germany and I've never had a big problem with communication, in despite I don't speak any word of these. People can even understand you if you use one basic word in English to explain your need, when they don't speak your language at all. Many languages have common words and mime can help a lot.

    I think that should not be a barrier. The cost is emote.RDlaugh.png