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  1. This new MLP the move trailer KILLED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Bakaarion


      Oops sorry madgicarp, I'm on my... HUUUUUURGHHHH... this slow smartphone and I didn't checked your link, I though it was the Fr version of the trailer...

      Yes, disappointment is a very bad feeling, especially for something you like, so I understand your reluctance very well. I'm acting like that too, when something I like is announced (breath of the wild). But I don't know why, but I know I won't be disappointed by this move.

      Maybe because I found some MLP episodes pretty boring, and still like them... I don't know...

    3. Bakaarion


      Hmm, hard time to type on this damn phone... And now way to edit.

    4. Blustery Newmoon

      Blustery Newmoon

      No problem, that happens to me a lot too, and the feeling of embarrassment is real when it occurs.

      As for my reluctance to get into the Hype, I prefer not having great expectations, so when I watch it, if it's good, I'm pleasantly surprised and as a result can enjoy more the movie than if I overhyped it. As for the show, there is no way that I wouldn't watch it in its original language, that would be blasphemy.

      @Shadow Dash As for the video that I sent, I doubt that there is an English version of that sentence, and if there was one I didn't find it. Sorry about that