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  1. This new MLP the move trailer KILLED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Blustery Newmoon

      Blustery Newmoon

      I didn't have great expectetions about it, but know it's a bit better now, I hope that I won't have to say this: "I didn't expect anything, but i was still disapointed" (here is the video for ya Bakaa, french fellow: (It's the sentence mentioned above but in french)


    3. SD13


      I missed it while I was asleep...

      Anyone got an English link?

    4. Bakaarion


      Thanks @Madgicarp, but you have to Know that even if I know better the English version, I'm still a huge fan of the French cast, in despite of some awkward translation. So of course, I immediately checked it in order to compared, that's things I love to do.


      I think you got it now, but the English one is here @Shadow Dash : 



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