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  1. I just got a package from Amazon, 

    This is what I got:


  2. So 500 posts???


    I'm going to sleep now. Thank you all for a GREAT night and thanks especially Bakaarion for pushing me so far.


    Good night everypony.

  3. Man, I HATE SUMMER! It's so hot in here and there's no wind out there. I have to go down at 3:00 AM to drink a ton of water. I sweat my bed full.


    I wanna winter come back!

  4. 2 notifications.


    *0,5 seconds later*


    6 notifications.



  5. Good night every pony.

  6. Has this forum really only been here since August 2015? 

    That is surprisingly recent...

    Why did I just now learn this?

  7. Sylveon will be back, i don't know when, but it'll be back.

  8. Little announcement: I'm not a big fan of rudeness.


    At least treat me with respect, otherwise you'll be getting blocked.