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  1. Bah, I'm on discord, but not very interested by the kind of conversation it brings. Who ever has been interested talking to me on it ? About hum, zero.

    I find the forum more appropriated for that, it allow each ones taking time to answer, and not forced to say anything to avoid awkwardness.

    I may have wrong, but I think I'll leave last. I don't want people feel forced to talk to me.

  2. On 6/11/2018 at 12:56 PM, ABronyAccount said:

    (you forgot to add one for me to use)

    Oops, let's just say I'm not used to this game yet emote.RDfacehoof2.png

    Best Laws ARE Fishy
    Fat Anti-Anarchists
    My Proudness About Alaska
    Grabbed One Bowl
    Thunder Incoming Fast
    Justice Pending an Equilibrated Government

    Pet Bored On Couch


  3. For me 2 things. The elder scrolls 6 (Bethesda), and ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS (microsoft) !!!!

    And can't wait for the next nintendo conference, my Luna, METROID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I know, Super smash will be the main game, but still, METROID GUYS !!


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