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  1. That's what I thought. There is a law prohibiting any broadcast before the end of the exclusive contract...

    Impossible to find the delay, I checked the law and it says 3 years for internet broadcast, but the season 6 is available and it came out 18 month ago.

    emote.RDsulks.pngI guess it's time to make the parliament burning, anyway.

  2. For a brutal text translation, yes, of course.

    But still so inaccurate that you need how is used the word that you need, that's why I use reverso which is like a dictionary with much more examples.

    And when you know the basics, better to use a dictionary, google translate is better for a language that you don't know at all.

  3. 59

    emote.RDproud2.png Electricity is hotter and much more dangerous than fire.



    I didn't share it yet and it's about to win alone emote.RDcute.png

    Like I said, I propose a homemade translation :

    Lunch break at work

    Starts a MLP episode

    Plugs the headphones

    The boss suggests me to turn the speakers off.


    No need to follow or something, just like for 1 point, comment for 3 points, retweet for 5 points. It's also possible to vote on facebook.

    Sorry for being this insisting, but the winner gets a little pony figurine. Worth it.