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  1. Yes, now it's very clear, the world war 3 will be a civil war. More and more people in Europe vote for extreme right nationalist that reject immigrants and EU, and people rage everywhere because the life cost increase, unlike the salaries. While rich people cheat to get more and more money from public money. Just this month, we've realized that a bunch of lawers legally used a flaw to get hundreds of billions from EU taxes, and they'll never be sued. Also the Renault's CEO Carlos Gones has been arrested because of money laudering and personal use of the society.

    Here the government added a new tax on fuel, just for people (trucks, planes not impacted), and they said "that's for ecology". So that's one week that the country is blocked because people block all the roads, everywhere. There is actually one dead and dozen of injured, but they keep block the roads. That's curious because for once, those blockers are not from one political party, and totally not led. It's just people from everywhere that are very angry at everything from the government, including EU laws.


    They actually block more than a thousand of roads since monday.


    Revolution soon ? At least, times they are changing.

  2. emote.RDdontunderstand.png WTF ?

    3 hours ago, Fintale said:

    I'm not sure if this joke translates well but let's try. I laughed my butt off when I heard it.

    Which of the following are you allowed to control when under the influence of alcohol?

    A. A car

    B. A moped

    C. The European Union.


    emote.RDlaugh2.pngJean-Claude Juncker. The KING !

    you can do the same type of joke with "criminal record". You can't be cashier, but no problem to work at the parliament.

    1 hour ago, M2 Ball said:

    You need to find time to go to Canada yourself someday. :awesomecheer:

    Ah, I will, probably. I don't especially like travels, but I have people to see over there.

  3. Do you wanna know the irony ? It's that the voters had no idea about what they were voting for. It's obvious that they don't read the laws they vote and just check the summary from their secretary.

    We've questioned some of the voters here, and they couldn't say what it was about accurately, and had absolutely no idea of the consequences all over internet. That's the world where we are, led by monkeys.

    The second irony is that this copyright law will also make the industry weaker, because a huge part of their advertising is from internet users (youtube, twitch, ....). Monkey combo !

    emote.RDlaugh2.png They live in a world where Fortnite would only work if they only broadcasted some ads on TV.

    The truth is that UE hates the GAFAM and that law will allow to sue them many time for anything. They already tried to make them only pay huge taxes. That's possibly a childish answer due to the new American taxes from importations this year.

    So ponies will be blocked for sure, quick, download all the brony stuffs and episodes !

  4. It's a stylized hockey cross, look better, they are Canadian.

    Perhaps Lilly can take a plane to Canada to see this friend of yours. :awesomecheer:

    Be serious, do you see me sending a filly to an unknown ?


    @Fintale You avatar is illegal according to the new copyright law, article 13. I'm serious.

    And mine too. Twice illegal.

  5. In view of the thousands of words I type each days in pony forums, I don't mind talking about MLP for an entire week end. Actually, for an entire life, but who knows, we probably get bored of all. I'm actually writing a top 7 for the mane 7, 6 pages on my writer and I didn't finished yet, I start top 1 Rainbow Dash. No doubts that I would need thousands words more to explain the awesomeness.

    emote.RDdisappointed.png Well, if you can't come, he will be disappointed, one more time.

  6. Planes are less expensive in Canada ? emote.RDlaugh.png

    11 hours ago, M2 Ball said:

    Bakaa will make conventions great again.


    I am hours away from the Canadian border via driving; other areas would take longer to reach. I am also not planning on traveling anytime soon. Or maybe it’s a trap to get a brony to attempt to bully me? :awesomecheer:

    Yes, In fact the end of BronyCon announcement definitely made me decided to go to one convention before G4 ends. Even if I don't especially love conventions, I realized it's probably not for ever. emote.RDboast.png But because I'll come, they will probably make it for some years more.

    No it's not a trap, you know how bronies are, I'm the exception to the rule. I'm always the exception to the rule.