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  1. That's not a conspiracy, everypony know that rats won already. It's thousands of years that techniques are invented to erase us, but we've never been that much.

    Can go to the moon, can manipulate atoms, can ruin a whole planet, can't kill rats emote.RDproud.png

    Banned because rats decide who have to be banned.

  2. Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987), Okay. Never head about this movie. Plus this title has been translated by "One ticket for two", so I have an excuse emote.RDboast.png

    And eh, it's older than me too emote.RDwhat.png

    10 hours ago, M2 Ball said:

    Two hours from Italy and Switzerland? Living in the northern US, the closest country to me is Canada, and that would probably take me at least five or six hours (I am guessing, as I haven’t actually driven up there) to reach via driving.


    Bullying people at the convention? Someone’s cocky behavior hasn’t subsided. Does somepony need a spanking? :awesomecheer:

    We're actually organizing the travel to Germany to meet irl and reduce the costs (same trains, same hotel), and there is a Canadian friend who is disappointed because he cannot join, way too far. Maybe can you visit him instead ? That would be nice.

    And yes, I'm prepared, I've watched so many brony cringe compilations on youtube, I'm totally ready for bullying !

    The only sad thing is that I've to enhance my oral English, I generally understand 25% of what people say, and unfortunately real life has no subtitles. The only thing I totally understand in spoken English is Donald Trump Speeches. Thanks to him, the only one making efforts to speak correctly.

  3. On 11/3/2018 at 6:45 PM, M2 Ball said:

    The US is go big that I have taken driving trips that are analogous to driving through multiple European countries. :awesomecheer:

    I know. As an absolutely not big traveler, I visited 5 foreign countries emote.RDboast.png

    Most of them in bus or car... 2 of them are literally 2 hours from me in car polandball-italyball-making-pizza-adult-latest?cb=20180521010942

    15 hours ago, Lilly said:

    This could get interesting.... x3

    What's interesting ? Automobile is car, no ?

    I've watched plans, I found 75$, and I was stupid when I found trains because I just watched high-speed trains, for the next day... And taking a high-speed trin for the next day is incrediblye expensive (but me), the the real costs are more around 120$.

    Can't wait ! All those awkward fat people with wings that I could bully !!!! emote.RDcute.png

  4. 1 hour ago, Havocbyte said:

    No silly, It's the Samsung Galaxy Home. 

    They're supposed to reveal more details next week.

    emote.RDlaugh.png I guessed right. But I didn't know what model it was exactly.

    42 minutes ago, Lilly said:

    Those "little features" increase affection values. And high affection results in a bunch of luck-based events. Like your pokemon randomly healing status effects or managing to survive with 1 HP. Very helpful. *cough*andfun

    Boooh ! Girly game ! Boooh ! But I'll buy it anyway. Just for the pleasure to crush my sister's pokemons that she would pet for hours.

    Eh... You right ! So fun !!!


    And I just planned today to go to a Brony convention next summer, Gallacon, Germany. I just checked possible train costs (that are very fluctuating), it's close to $250-$800.... Okay, I'll rent a car.

    That's stupid that trains worth it for short travels only, isn't that a paradox ? I usually take the train to go to the closest city, but for another country, it's better to take a car...

    emote.RDanyway.png CONSUMPTION LOGIC !!!

    Wait, I didn't check plane, it's possibly cheaper.

  5. I didn't know that it would possibly be a new eeveelution. But since it's not a new generation, I bet this is just mega evolution.

    My sister (the baby one) already ordered the nintendo switch pack for babies, including let's go eevee. What a baby emote.RDlaugh.png

    When I said her that pokemons was now brushable and full of little features like that, she became hysteric.

    I just hope they added content for super manly people too. Like slaps and blood.

  6. Wow, a fancy cauldron ! You've finally got your letter for Hogwarts ? So lucky.


    I just watched the 40 min introduction of SSBU, my god... It's so confusing. I'm sure there is 10 time more content than the bigger fighting game ever, it makes my head spin under all those information. It's such an infinite content fountain.

    In the meantime, pokemon is pretty easy to play and I didn't play it since early 2000, I waited it comes on an HD console to play again. Even if that opus is not a canon episode, just a spin off, I'm very curious to discover what this license became since I stopped to play.

  7. Oh you have no idea... emote.RDwhatever.png

    European government just voted a low this week, that makes memes illegals. Any reproduction of a copyrighted subject, even for parody, is now illegal.

    All those stupid politics were proud of themselves after the vote because they thought they voted a law to fight piracy...

    What a lack of culture, I 100% agree.