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  1. Here is my gaming PC, very well for 1080, not for 4k :

    • Intel Core i7-5820K (6 cores, 12 threads, base clock 3.3 GHz)
    • GTX 980
    • 128Gb SSD + 2To HDD
    • 16Gb DDR4
    • dual 1080 resolution


    My lower PC is made with external pieces I found everywhere, things like Pentium II, 64/128Mo RAM, etc... On windows 98, I still enjoy start it sometimes, so much memories. I have tons of old parts.

  2. 2016 was terrible, no work, unpaid, pasta...

    But this is the year I discovered MLP FiM, My best surprise on this decade. I think now life just depend of your smile. Almost everything going better, I suppose people don't very like sad people, because it make them sad too. And that's the same for happiness.

    So, probably my best year finally.

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  3. Thanks all !

    5 hours ago, Raichu said:

    Another Pokemon fan, I see!

    Yes, but all my knowledge is about the first generation, I know the second, and not really further... I remember Raichu was one of my favorite and no way to got it in my yellow version.

    4 hours ago, Friendship is Horses said:

    Hello and welcome to the forums! If I may ask, what is your first language/mother tongue?

    Of course, I don't know why I forgot to write it. It is French.

  4. Hello sisnies, bronies,

    Foremost, sorry by advance for my English, I'm actually trying to learn, this is one of the reasons why I registered here.

    ---------- if you are interested by my MLP entrance, I hope you are well seated. I found you the Zecora's song if you want to listen during riding reading : She sings very well.

    Im 26 and very new brony, since last october, I had no idea what my little pony was before that. Of course I knew the new design, but I thought that was similar to the old cartoon I saw in some advertising in the 90s. It's some time I wanted to watch it to understand why my internet had ponies everywhere, but never had both time and motivation for that.

    I never hated or blamed bronies, because I remembered that I like pokemon after all, even if I stopped to play it after 2nd Generation, I still enjoy to watch what pokemon become. After all, my parents didn't like videogames (make children crazy and stupid), and my gameboy was my only way to play, outside or in bed at night. As my first real RPG, these memories are so strong.

    I think it's the main reason why I was ok to watch my little pony (door locked, curtains down). No reasons so much people like it if it is for little girls only, it does not make sense, nobody liked ponies before, nostalgia cannot explain this as for me with pokemon. But with studies and work, I never started the show.

    But on last summer, I watched a rap battle between rainbow dash and sonic, that was very great (and very powerful by the way) ! no, that was awesome ! My curiosity was back, and 3 month later when I had 2 weeks of free time, I FINALLY DID IT ! I haven't been instantly charmed, the firsts episodes I though "Eh, what I am doing ?". It was not aweful, but I saw no noticeable reasons for a success.

    My quest was now to understand the success, and what I watched was not very different of another cartoon. Plus I hated 2 ponies of the mane 6 : Pinkie Pie and Rarity, I don't like these cliché. The all pink pony is just annoying, make jumps and smiles everywhere every time as seen in a lot of cartoons, I'm sure she still smile if one of his friend is dead. And the diamond one is the same thing with fashion. I don't like fashion. More, I hate it, and this superficial pony too.

    But it was not enough to stop it, after all, the lore was good, magic, creatures, and the design is really good. I watched all the episodes in 4 or 5 days and at the end, I was shocked : I really wanted more. I didn't realized I was addicted while the watching, when it was stopped, my heart bleed, I was sad. Some episodes was little boring, but most of them was awesome. Finally, Pinkie and Rarity are not just stupid and crazy, they good ponies after all, I was rude so much, I'm sorry *tears*.


    I want more ponies, an that's why I'm here, I watched a lot of fan videos (my favorite is double rainboom), and that's why I am really motivated to learn English, most of the fanmade videos are not subtitled and sometimes I understand nothing. It's frustrating. Some years ago I already signed up on a forum about a Zelda radio, that was a pleasant experience, hop it will be the same here (no doubt about it).

    My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash (the second is Applejack), and I'm sad we all are agree about that (don't lie, google trends said it to me). On background ponies, I don't know, I think it is Zecora. Oh pony ? Okay, maybe.... Well, consider Zecora as my favorite background pony.

    In life (yes, the "real" one *sigh*), I'm a bungling web developer, I love music (practice Saxophone and Drums), I like actual Jazz (funk, soul, fusion, ...) and soundtracks from videogames (Jeremy Soule <3). And I love videogames of course, especially RPG. I have not a large experience with videogames because I started with a NES (given by my uncle) when the N64 and PS one was the great consoles. After that I had the master system II (given by a friend). Of course, I had my gameboy (1989 version, old mare, sold by the same friend) too. I caught the train with the gamecube and never left nintendo after that (I have THE wii U guys), even if I have a PC with tons of unplayed games on steam.

    I think it's all, Thank you for your time !

    :cloppa: I enjoyed writing. I'm sorry but it was in a Required   text box, I had no other choice.