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  1. Really ? Not even with the air army flying over the champion's bus ?


    Okay, okay, I stop, that was the last time emote.RDlaugh.png

    I know that people don't very like soccer in USA, but no doubt that when they'll score high, people will start to support.

    It's like, we have not this many of supporters usually, and I'm a part of them casual supporters who just follow the world cup. Trust me, the true football supporters are like 15 or 20% of people that celebrated on the street. If we lost the final, they would be the only one to celebrate.

    I would be surprised that soccer will suddenly stop to grow up in Murica, players of supporters. Both are kinda linked anyway.

  2. Well, USA soccer football team progress more and more, I'd say that I would not be surprised if you play next world cup.

    I heard that American playing soccer in club just exceeded those playing baseball. Keep an eye on it, just before the world cup they were some friendly matches, and one of them was USA - France and ended on an equality (1 - 1). I remember back to 2006, USA got qualified to play the world cup, and my dad said that they're more and more strong. I guess one day, it will happen, eventually.

    And the football world cup is different, it's an instant where the whole world allow the winners to explode, and even go interview supporters in the cities in fire. That's the only one time where they're allowed to show a max ego and avoid a backfire emote.RDlaugh.png

    Pheeeew, what a night, it's 1:30am and people still singing out loud in the street with their broken voices. The cities must be in fire. I wish everyone know one of these instant where wars, social level and opinions are totally nullified.


    As a bear, I still got out of my dark apartment and celebrate it with people for hours !!!


    My Luna, lats time it happened I was 8 and my little sister was born the same day so I've never knew it.

    It's so awesome !!!!!

    I took some pictures !


    Still hard to believe there is so many people in this ridiculous town. People hugged you randomly



    Yeah man, you're stuck in that car for a while, have a good night.



    I took my phone too late for the hugs with cops, but that was so cool.


  4. Yes, I don't like showing my pride this way because it can easily be seen as arrogance. I just allow it in this extremely rare exception because it's a huge thing, soccer-football has an international recognition. Even in USA it growing more and more (as both a national team and the number of licensed players, it's like if it becomes trendy), so the whole world allow this, somewhere, it happens each 4 years that the winners become this excessive.

    And I can say I've never been excessive, I barely talk about France, I didn't even mention it in my big intro on these forums. The rare moments where I said something about France was because somepony else opened this topic. But right now, fak all of that, until we lose or win lol emote.RDsmile.png (I'm pretty sure it's the very first time I start the topic by myself)

    12 hours ago, Fintale said:

    It might be just my stereotype of French people but I have the impression that all of you are somewhat nationalist and proud of your country. I hope you'll correct me if this isn't the case. :mlp_smile:

    Stereotype of arrogance ? I'd say kinda true, I usually find French arrogant. In France they are all "France sux, it' so bad, people are so dumb, switzerland do well, UK do well, Gerany do well, and Sweden is so fancy and wise". But when they meet strangers or across around other country they are like "France is ze best" emote.RDfacehoof.png

    But finally behind the arrogance, I guess they are not hypocrite, and there is hidden kindness. A little talk with them, letting their arrogance out without judging them too hard, and they'll be you loyal friend, respecting you back.

    I think the arrogance is like a defense mechanism very popular over here, and that hide a deep inferiority feeling, regard how the world changed, with those huge countries generating our own GDP in once of their state/region (Hello USA, China).

    Thats my mixed analyze of studies, my own observations, and also strangers talking about their experiences in France.

    And it shows why football is this important, it's the only one occasion where the whole country don't say itself it sucks suddenly, and I think people really need it. Somewhere it includes me.

  5. rainbow_dash_victory_by_omniferious-d45zWOOHOOOO !!!

    Okay, I'm never, absolutely NEVER this nationalist, but this exception is too huge to contain it until the end of the world cup. 3rd time it happens since I'm born !!! emote.RDcute.png

    And if we win, that would be the second time I see this golden cup in our hands ! And against Croatia, it may be easier than against England !

    Bigger streets please !!!


    (Taken late yesterday, and all the cities were like that, even my little town, such an event)

  6. Such a heavy cars, built when petrol was almost free... Also, why don't you sell it to buy one more resistant ?

    36 minutes ago, Fintale said:

    It's almost sad that I don't even get a chance to get all exited about football because my country suck at it. :sadpie:

    Yes, I'm the only one here that enjoy it, but don't worry, Murica football team is worse emote.RDlaugh.png


    22 hours ago, Lilly said:
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    Yes, I realize England hasn't won yet... but it's bucking CROATIA XD


    I didn't expect it either...


    Bye bye the queen emote.RDevil.png

  7. I don't know anything about cars, but this one make me think about an old American one. You know, like in those old trip movies.

    30 minutes ago, Lilly said:

    France vs England... called it from day one. This should be fun >:3

    For once, I honestly don't know who to root for XD



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    Yes, I realize England hasn't won yet... but it's bucking CROATIA XD


    Yes, I think England will pass. Sadly emote.RDhide.png

    But there is some surprises this time, like qualified Russia, and all the south America kicked out before half final. Russia don't know what is a ball, but they still won against a strong football nation aka Spain...

    let's see that each flags with a cross in it will lose. Just look at Sweden, Switzerland, Sweden... , ... ENGLAND OF COURSE emote.RDlaugh.png

    Whatever the country winning, people's problem will fly away from something like one week. The loser will dive into a deep depression.

  8. Yes soon, you can send me that package you promised me months ago emote.ABmock.png

    19 hours ago, Fintale said:

    I meant something like a baseline shape. That kind of shape where I wouldn't feel like suffocating if I walk and talk at the same time. Maybe I could obtain that if I quit smoking. But it would require awfully lot of effort. I can just die or die trying. Then again the outcome is the same so why bother? :pinkieshrug:


    I'm trying to find myself a winter car. I've found a cheap Chevy Fleetside with a semi fuel efficient 6,2 liter Detroit diesel but it would require some tinkering to get it roadworhty. I'm just afraid that the glow plugs might drain the batteries some cold morning if I'm not able to use the block heater. It's always that darn winter that ruins everything nice.:sadtwi:

    Yes, quit smoking. And drinking.

    This kind of car still exist ? emote.RDlaugh.png

    I allow myself a short breakin news : WE'RE DAMN FINALISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The instant where the final whistle happened, tons of cars honk the horn and people scream out loud as hell. And wow, I'm on a little town, and there is buildings between me and the roads... Insane.

    That reminds me my first worldcup memories, where everyone was crazy, on 98, for some days. I swear, nothing has this much impact than being finalist of the football world cup, by far. I think nobody care if aliens comes upon our heads or if a nuclear bomb explodes in the central place.


  9. emote.RDproud2.png Oh I wouldn't like to be in a world where muscles are easy to get.

    On 7/6/2018 at 6:33 AM, M2 Ball said:

    I would like to eventually get a CZ-75, but I am not sure which variant I should get.

    Hmmm, I'm questioning myself about this kind of existential questions. But it's more about a home NAS server currently. Maybe should we answer for each other ? Problem solved emote.RDlaugh.png