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  1. Believe it or not, theories such as these were once a thing and I decided to finally give my input. Introduction I have a confession to make. No, it’s not that I’m too obsessed with King Sombra and need help. It’s that my last theory about him...wasn’t exactly complete. There was one more thing I wanted to discuss that I refrained from bringing up because I felt it would overcomplicate the theory and ultimately not fit. Originally, in my theory regarding Sombra being created by Discord, there was a section of the theory I wanted to reserve for talking about him...being a kirin. Fascinatingly crazy as that notion sounds, I can’t take credit for the idea. I’ve always had my doubts about Sombra being dead and I’ve always felt that there’s a bigger connection to Discord and Sombra than meets the eye, but finding out about Kirin Sombra theories was a complete surprise. Since this is just my take on the idea combined with what I’m expanding on from a part of my last theory that was scrapped, this is not going to be a long theory, but more of a venue for discussion. Kirin Sombra Theories? Yeah...since they’ve fallen into obscurity lately (and since obscurity by fan theory standards is pretty obscure), likely due to dissatisfaction with Sombra’s return in the Season 9 premiere, I’ll give you the basic slip. There’s been all sorts of speculation on what exactly King Sombra is since he was first introduced. You would think theories about him being a kirin couldn’t possibly circulate before kirin were introduced in the show towards the end of Season 8, but don’t forget that kirin were around in folklore long before MLP was even a thought. Reportedly, these theories existed before they gained steam in the fall of 2018, but since they are part of a little known subculture, I can’t absolutely confirm this. Regardless, the spark that ignited these discussions at that time was obviously the debut of kirin in the show, and the evidence supporting Sombra being a kirin, or at least partly kirin, that was presented was the similarity between his design and the design of the kirin. They both have curved horns, muzzles, red-colored horns, and odd shapes in their horns, despite Sombra having two holes in his horn rather than lines. Taking the nirik form of the kirin into account, they also both have fangs, black coats, and an aura exuding from their eyes. And since Sombra has only been seen without his armor in one scene of the show, where he was being “turned to shadow”, the very description explaining the discrepancy, it’s possible he simply hides the rest of his kirin features underneath his armor. My Personal Thoughts There’s a reason why I am not going to talk about this theory in (my idea of) great length. It’s certainly not because anything about this theory is any stupider than anything I’ve brought to the table. No, my Sombra theories are much more out there and I do quite like the idea. It’s just that it’s not one of those theories that demands much elaboration, it’s very straightforward and self-explanatory. However, I feel it could be expanded upon with more evidence that I feel would otherwise be overlooked… First of all, to my surprise, I have yet to see people bring up how both King Sombra and the nirik can create magical fire. Granted, we don’t ever see how Sombra creates the magical fire surrounding him in the show, but it’s well worth noting. The nirik may only be able to do this when they’re enraged, but it’s very well possible for Sombra to constantly be possessed by anger (a demon even, but that’s an entirely different subject). His eyes do always turn green, the way the show indicates a character being possessed, after all. The nirik also lose features of their hair from their kirin form, explaining how Sombra could have no neck hair or kirin-like tail. His horn is still significantly different in appearance, but appearances are not everything. Whenever Sombra casts magic in the show, he does not do so like an ordinary unicorn. While every other unicorn in the show has a horn that becomes entirely surrounded with magic when they are casting a spell, Sombra’s horn instead produces bubbles that merge together around the upper red part of his horn, never surrounding the bottom that you can still see as gray. These bubbles match the shape of his horn’s holes, and only the kirin have the shapes on their horns glow when they cast magic rather than having their entire horns engulfed in magic. Only a series of coincidental design choices? That isn’t all. The Sombra-like shadow from Between Dark and Dawn was in a forested area, the same kind of location as Kirin Village. Some would say the assertion of King Sombra being a kirin contradicts my hypothesis of him being connected to the Tree of Harmony, but I disagree. Discord revives Sombra inside of a magical seed like I speculated, proven is that he was brought back from the ground, then he grows to look like the kind of creature that always stays close to nature. There seems to be some sort of pattern here… Putting It All Together Personally though, I’d lean more towards Sombra being a kirin hybrid. There are just so many ways to speculate on what his true form really is that a hybrid is the safest bet. It’s also the more interesting idea, since this would make him even more likely to be connected to Discord. Discord is also a hybrid, albeit of completely different creatures. However, what’s even more incredible is the fact that this also ties in with what was revealed in the Season 8 finale, all the monsters in Tartarus the ponies encountered over the show turning out to be hybrids of animals after they lost their magic. Some use this fact to argue that Discord was created by Grogar. Even if it were to turn out Sombra wasn’t created by Discord like I theorized, it’s still very possible that Sombra was actually created by Grogar. Father and son, brothers, friends, any of those things with air quotes, whatever they may be, I continue to find evidence that these two are connected in some way. I’m not done either. Inevitably, this theory will end with me again exploring themes in the show that would tie everything together. In this case, what could be two very subtle hints of Sombra’s kirinhood. The first hint is how Sombra makes the very familiar transition in the show of being a character who barely ever talks to being a character who talks all the time. This parallel to Autumn Blaze would already be an astounding coincidence if it were, but even funnier is how Sombra’s reputation of being a blank slate fits with the kirin. So little was known of the kirin in Sounds of Silence that it was believed kirin and nirik were two separate kinds of creatures, shown by the way Twilight describes them. This further strengthens the possibility that Celestia and Luna didn’t know of Sombra’s shadowy nature when they banished him. The second hint is, once again, Yin and Yang. Just for the record, when I spoke of the show’s first direct acknowledgement of the importance of light and darkness in the world in the finale in my last theory, I was only referring to the first time it directly acknowledges it. I talked about its subtle acknowledgement in The Crystal Empire in my second Sombra theory and already knew of the subtle acknowledgement in the song, A Kirin’s Tale. Again, what a funny coincidence this would be. I’ve already said all I wanted to say about Sombra being like the show’s Yang, so instead, I’ll mention how Discord has been referred to as the show’s Yang, by prominent analysts like Silver Quill no less. The show’s theme is harmony and Discord is a being of pure chaos, as they say. The show’s theme is light as well. Therefore, wouldn’t the show also need a being of pure darkness in order to maintain balance? Out of every character in the show, King Sombra is the only perfect fit. This would further prove that his nature is interwoven with Discord’s nature in some way. Conclusion In conclusion, I don’t believe the parallels between Sombra and the kirin are just a coincidence. This theory went on longer than I intended, but I still feel that it’s the simplest theory I’ve done so far. It’s only a mini-theory meant to provoke discussion after all, and while the term “mini-theory” is debatable, keep in mind that this was originally going to be in my last theory before it was cut for the sake of the theory’s organization. This isn’t really so much “my theory”, but more or less my take on a theory, personal input I felt I could add. I feel I’ve said enough for now, I’ll save my breath for when King Sombra makes a short cameo in Pony Life.
  2. They recently released another short in celebration of the new year. This one, believe it or not, heavily acknowledges the show's canon.
  3. My third King Sombra fan theory. This one doesn't just involve him not being dead, and goes over a possibility opened up in the finale. OvertureI think it’s safe to say that the series finale to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was not what either followers or skeptics of my past two theories on King Sombra were expecting. On one hand, to the dismay of many Sombra fans, Sombra did not appear in any of the final episodes. However, on the other hand, I only had to make minor updates to my previous theory in contrast to the major ones I initially expected to have to make. Though it did initially contain some inaccuracies that I had to correct, the final episodes, despite lacking Sombra, actually provided more evidence that points to my theory being on the right track. You should already know just from the title that this theory will focus on a different subject than the first two, but it is a subject that ties directly back to the notion that our shadow king will never be truly gone, since there is no way to deny now that Sombra’s apparent immortality has something to do with Discord.One may ask though, what is the point of making another theory now? The show is over, right? As I’ve discussed before, there is very much still purpose in discussing theories and possibilities, as not only did the show leave much to speculate and answer for ourselves, but the MLP franchise itself is far from over. Furthermore, the Kojima-style storytelling of “everything’s a lie” that the first of the final three episodes went with feels intended to motivate us to do our own digging to find the truth for ourselves. So let’s get right in…Discord’s PowersThe things we are told about the show’s biggest plot twist, the biggest lie that completely went against what most fans were expecting, that do get confirmed to us by the show itself are Grogar being Discord, Discord being the one who brought the villains back as a way to test Twilight Sparkle, and most notably in relation to this theory, Discord being the one who “resurrected” King Sombra. Yes, as you may have noticed, I am still maintaining my habit of putting “resurrected” in quotations because there is so much about Discord’s “power of resurrection” that demands scrutiny. If he can just bring the dead back to life, why didn’t he ever do it before? If he always had that kind of power, it’s hard to believe that even the Elements of Harmony could’ve brought him down in his days as a villain.Not only that, but take note of the way he brought Sombra back in The Beginning of the End. He didn’t use his chaos magic, but a symbol on the ground with a shape similar to that of Sombra’s dark crystals. The color of the symbol on the ground in this scene was blue too, while Discord’s magic is normally yellow. In Twilight’s Kingdom, when his magic gets sucked out by Tirek, the color of his magic, the color of shadow. Interestingly, even while Discord was pretending to be Grogar, his magic still maintained a color of addition to an aura of shadow. When Discord’s magic was absorbed by Grogar’s Bell, the magic’s color was yellow and black. And what kind of magic did Discord use to teleport the villains to his lair? Shadow magic. Bearing these facts in mind, it seems much more likely that what Discord used to bring Sombra back wasn’t “the power of resurrection”, but the power of darkness.What difference does it make? A huge one. If Discord could not tap the power of the forces of darkness, he couldn’t possibly have been able to impersonate Grogar. He didn’t just summon Tirek and Cozy Glow straight from Tartarus, he was also able to utilize Grogar’s Crystal Ball to its full effect, recreating images of the time where Grogar’s monsters roamed Equestria and even used Grogar’s Bell to reclaim his chaos magic. And it’s not just Discord either who must know how to use dark magic to recreate the past. In fact, it’s even been proven in the show that not only do Celestia and Twilight have the ability to use dark magic, but alicorn magic, in Princess Twilight Sparkle, takes the form of Sombra’s trademark green and purple magic when used on the potion Twilight needs to drink to see the past. Almost every instance of dark magic in the show is faithful to a central theme of recreating the past and both casting and dispelling illusions of fear. Yet not one spell in the show, dark magic, alicorn magic, or otherwise, has ever been used to call back a creature from the dead…One more fact we know that would definitely be consistent with my theory that it was shadow magic that was used to bring Sombra back, not “resurrection magic”, is the fact that Grogar was a real creature, not a character that Discord made up, as confirmed by the show. Every image Discord showed in the Crystal Ball was a depiction of a real object or a real event that happened in the past, and one of those events was Grogar summoning monsters from the dark to terrorize Equestria. Discord even vows to send Sombra back to the darkness he came from if he does not comply with his deal… Yeah, I do believe at this point it’s safe to say that it’s much more likely that Sombra’s return was the result of him being called back from the shadows, not “resurrected from the dead”. Occam’s Razor would agree, the former solution is the much simpler one and much more likely to be the correct one.Regardless of how Sombra came back though, it’s only scratching the surface of the wealth of clues we are given in the show that things are not what they appear to be. To reiterate, we are flat-out told by the show that everything we were made to believe involving the mess with Sombra returning and trying to take over Equestria was a lie...but we are not told in-depth exactly how everything was a lie. That’s where the next part of my theory comes in…King Sombra is Discord’s AgentAgain, let’s begin with what the show confirmed. It was actually Discord who brought King Sombra back, and thus, he was the one who sent Sombra to the Crystal Empire to attempt to take it over as a way to test Twilight and her friends. Seems straightforward enough. So what is the reason for wanting more details on what exactly happened? Honestly, I’d have trouble only coming up with one.First of all, Discord’s scheme of only sending one villain to test Twilight and her friends, followed by three, only makes sense if he knows in advance that Sombra will not submit to him. Though anyone could predict that the villains would need time to learn how to work together, only someone who knows Sombra well enough could predict that he wouldn’t go along with the plan. And as far as the show tells us, Discord does not know Sombra least as we are told.If we only go by what we are shown in the show, we are left to see that Discord sent Sombra to the Crystal Empire, right after he vowed to “destroy anypony who got in his way”, unsupervised. What would Discord have done had Sombra actually killed someone? The scene where he talks to Twilight and her friends in the castle not only proves that he was not constantly monitoring Sombra, but also makes it very likely that he knew Sombra would destroy the Tree of Harmony. After all, it is in this scene where he expresses his disdain over Twilight and her friends resolving to defeat Sombra with the Elements of Harmony rather than their own strength. Don’t forget either how he revealed his agenda was to test them...and this also isn’t the only time Discord has been hinted to have an agenda against the Tree…Going back to Princess Twilight Sparkle again, Discord revealed at the end that he was responsible for the Tree of Harmony’s rot, back in the time when he was a villain. However, after he got reformed, why did he do nothing to stop it despite the fact that the Tree’s life was in jeopardy? The answer can very easily be inferred as him just wanting to test Twilight and have fun as always...but is that really all? Remember that the Tree has been revealed to be not just a living thing, but a conscious being since What Lies Beneath. Even Discord at his worst has never killed anyone or put their lives at risk, so if we only go by what we are told by the show, it is very uncharacteristic of him to feel no remorse for not only putting the lives of innocent civilians in danger, but also getting a conscious being killed by bringing Sombra back.Does all of this mean that I believe that Discord used Sombra to kill the Tree without getting his hands dirty and in turn, used the Mane 6 to kill Sombra to cover his tracks, all without showing regard for the innocent lives of anybody who may have gotten caught in the crossfire? The no. Yes, despite how damning the evidence against Discord may seem, there is a way for him to be innocent. Hanlon’s Razor, always assume incompetence before malice.In my second King Sombra theory, you may remember a part where I talked about Sombra being sent to the Tree of Harmony as part of his destiny, meaning that the powers that be were responsible for the Tree’s destruction, not Discord. It’s true now that we have another way to explain how Sombra came back after being “destroyed” by the Elements, Discord could’ve simply restored him to life again. However, bear in mind that if it was the Tree that allowed itself to be destroyed so that it could adapt to a new form Equestria needed and help the Mane 6 realize that they didn’t need the Elements, Discord would be absolved of killing the Tree. Regardless of the Tree’s length of involvement, that is the only way for him to be innocent if he is Sombra’s “mastermind”. The quotations should be enough to tell you that I don’t believe Sombra is Discord’s puppet, but his accomplice. One admittedly unsettling implication of The Ending of the End, that I, like many, hope and believe was unintended, was that Discord was using the villains as cogs to be thrown away and destroyed before they could have a chance to change their ways. I myself have no clue why Discord would not just state that he wanted to reform the villains, since not only would that make him look better, it would also make much more sense with what the show implied prior. Think back to how much Discord emphasized as Grogar the importance of working together. He never imagined that Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis would ever use Grogar’s Bell against him, and it was the quest for the bell that almost got them to discover the magic of friendship. And even if the bell wasn’t used on him, wouldn’t the villains find out anyway that Discord was Grogar? After all, Discord would never release Grogar’s magic or use the bell to steal magic from innocent creatures. So that only leaves Sombra. Why did he seemingly never get a chance to change his ways? This goes back to what I believe, Discord and Sombra were working together.Think of the two’s relationship this way, and I’ll explain why this way makes the most sense. What if before Discord made his grand entrance as Grogar, he and Sombra talked over what they were going to do ahead of time? Sombra was the last to show up at the first meeting of the villains, and he was the only one who could’ve seen Grogar’s true form in the cave. Notice how when Discord draws the circle with the stick, the stick isn’t being levitated with magic, implying that Discord is holding it by hand. This makes it likely that Discord was not even in his Grogar disguise yet, as he had to levitate objects with his horns as Grogar. Also imagine if Sombra didn’t know Discord was Grogar. What chance would he have had to change his ways if Discord’s plan was to redeem the villains as is implied? Unless Discord’s idea of reforming Sombra was manipulating him to potentially kill ponies before getting himself blown up again. It doesn’t make any sense unless you consider the fact that Discord and Sombra could have very easily set everything up together.Also consider how torn up Twilight was in The Ending of the End, lamenting over how, in her own words, the victory she and her friends had against Sombra was “all a lie”. Keep in mind that they already knew beforehand that Discord could’ve stopped Sombra any time he wanted, so how does simply being reminded of their “very good-looking safety net” discourage them? The truth of Discord being the one who brought Sombra back leading Twilight to doubt herself only makes sense...if she is able to sense that Sombra was in on Discord’s plan.Doesn’t this, however, contradict Discord’s assertment that the fight was real and Sombra’s behavior throughout The Beginning of the End that seemed too good for an act? It does not, it’s consistent with my line of reasoning that Sombra was not some puppet being manipulated. I fully believe that he did what Discord told him to do for a goal of his own, to prove that he was the strongest being in Equestria, something he boasted about to Twilight and her friends. He could only prove such a thing by defeating them on an even playing field. That would explain perfectly why he didn’t use mind control on them and gave them a chance to defeat him instead of killing them when he had them trapped. He wanted them to escape and face him again, which is why he was so happy when he saw them enter the throne room…This would also explain how Discord’s plan would’ve given Sombra a chance to redeem himself as well. Discord must have known that the only way Sombra could’ve learned the power of friendship was through experiencing it for himself and realizing that it was indestructible. He couldn’t have learned this through the Elements being used on him, and while I still do not believe Discord instructed Sombra to destroy the Tree, Discord must have known that the Tree’s destruction was an inevitable part of Twilight’s destiny. After all, Twilight could not have fulfilled her destiny had she not realized that the Elements were never her true power. This also comes back to the focal topic of my last two theories...Discord’s plan to reform Sombra only makes sense if Sombra is not dead, but an immortal shadow.This tie-in is not how I intend to conclude everything though, since I have only set up the focal topic for this theory, our feature presentation…King Sombra is Discord’s CreationBoth Discord and King Sombra have always been characters shrouded in mystery. At first glance, these two characters don’t seem to have much in common. A wacky, talkative, incorrigible master of chaos and an enigmatic, stoic, calculating master of shadows. At least that’s how it was before The Beginning of the End, where Sombra’s new persona actually displayed traits reminiscent of Discord, being much more vain, voluble, and giddy. “Coincidentally”, this complete retcon of his old personality from the Season 3 premiere happens right after Discord brings him back…Returning to the topic of mystery, recall that in the entirety of the show’s run, we are never even given so much of a hint as to what Discord or Sombra’s origins are. This can be said about all the other villains too, but what sets these two apart from all the other villains is that they were the only two to engage with Celestia and Luna before they had the Elements of Harmony. And it was only because of these two that the Elements were ultimately destroyed. Though the connection is difficult to doubt, it is also difficult to tell the exact ordering of events between these four. Logically, one would assume that Celestia and Luna fought Sombra first, since they didn’t use the Elements on him in the flashback. But again, The Beginning of the End has brought a new question to the table. If Sombra was also interested in taking over all of Equestria, not just the Crystal Empire, why didn’t he do so before? What if he and Discord were both putting ponies under their reign of terror at the same time?After all, what else could have been stopping Sombra if he didn’t know of Celestia, Luna, and Discord’s strength? We have seen proof in the show that Discord is stronger than Sombra, in the sense that he can just click his fingers and be done with him, so it could be that Sombra just didn’t want to fight a losing battle...but how would he know that? And on the other side, what would be stopping Discord from taking Sombra out of the picture so that he could have the Crystal Empire to himself too? One would initially presume that all this can be easily answered by Discord not showing up in Equestria to wreak havoc until after Sombra was banished, but it can not. In order for the timeline to make sense, Discord needs a window of opportunity to know Sombra personally, or else he would not have a spell on hand that could bring him back.Besides what I already discussed, the unlikelihood of Discord just having the power to resurrect any pony he pleases, more evidence that his spell is only meant to revive Sombra specifically is the symbol on the ground that appears to be two of Sombra’s jagged crystals. Even more glaring evidence that I feel seals the deal is something I also already discussed in my previous theory, the center of the circle showing that there is something buried underneath. Most likely, what has been planted there is a seed. And who once tried to plant seeds underground as a way to destroy the Tree of Harmony? Discord. No pun intended, this is where everything comes full circle to the root...that seed is King Sombra.To expand even more on points I already made in my previous theory, I discussed then that both Sombra’s true nature and ultimate destiny were intertwined with the Tree of Harmony. Last time though, I did not discuss the possibility of him being born from a magical seed. I knew then that the Tree was also created from a magical seed, but I still chose to save the point for a later time, since then, we were still under the impression that it was Grogar, not Discord, who brought Sombra back. However, the reveal of it actually being Discord in the final episodes changes everything, as while we currently know nothing about Grogar, we know more than enough about Discord to see what could really be going on. After all, if Sombra knew that Grogar was actually Discord when he called him “the father of monsters”, that would make all too much sense...I’ve also gone over enough similarities between the Tree of Harmony and Sombra to make my point that the hint of a connection between them simply can’t just be attributed to coincidence. The more important matter now is Discord. We never learned where he got the Plunder Seeds he used against the Tree from. The most likely explanation is that he just created them with his magic, but what would that say for Sombra?Discord is shown using the power to bring inanimate objects to life throughout the show, granting them the ability to talk and move, but he has never been shown to have the power to give these inanimate objects a personality or anything that would lead to us believe they have an independent soul. In the end of The Break Up Break Down, he is shown gawking at Spike for acting as if a skeleton pony card he brought to life was anything more than a fictional character, describing her as “imaginary”. It is clear that this is not the way he could’ve given life to Sombra, however, that is not to say that Sombra was always a seed…Remember what I talked about in my last theory, how Sombra’s physical form and spirit form could be separate? And how in this theory, I’ve talked about Discord having the ability to call back creatures from the shadows? The easiest explanation we have right now for how Discord could have created Sombra is through contacting his spirit from the shadows and putting him inside a seed, creating him as a weapon to destroy the Tree. This explanation is not only the simplest, but also the most consistent, as it ties into the show canon’s description of Sombra being a former unicorn, what Jim Miller has said about Sombra being a ghost, and what I’ve said about him being a shadow in a body of crystal finding a way to truly return to life. One question this explanation would beg though is that if Sombra was created by Discord to destroy the Tree, why did he not destroy it then? Why was Discord forced to use Plunder Seeds instead? At first, it seems tricky, but the answer is actually in plain sight. Discord originally wanted to use Sombra because a living weapon would be more effective against the Tree than a nonliving weapon...but what if Sombra refused his commands? Since the Elements failed to defeat him, the case could be that he can’t be defeated by the Elements, but Discord certainly can. Not knowing that Celestia and Luna had the power in themselves to defeat him, he left Discord to get rid of the Tree himself. Since Discord’s plan also involved getting Celestia and Luna out of the way, it would make perfect sense with this line of reasoning for Sombra to disobey Discord and go off on his own.It seems that everything has finally come together in a niche...yet there is still one thing lacking. Hardcore evidence. Though it all fits logically, the appearance of a seed being planted in the middle of the circle used to call back Sombra is the most convincing piece of evidence to support the veracity of this theory. Not implying that it’s the only piece of evidence, and I feel that combined with all the evidence that points to Sombra having some kind of connection to the Tree of Harmony in addition to all the evidence that points to him having a connection to Discord, this theory stands on solid ground. However, I feel there is one stone we have yet to turn…In The Ending of the End, there are two very noteworthy parts that you wouldn’t think would demand further analysis, but are actually very telling. The first is the part where the Windigos return. What makes them worth discussing is not what happens with them in the actual episode, but the confirmation of their existence, which means more for this theory than you would think. If they were real all this time, you would think that the reason King Sombra never had to deal with them is because of the Crystal Heart...however, in both the alternate universe shown in The Cutie Re-mark and in his siege on Equestria in The Beginning of the End, he didn’t cause the Windigos to come back despite spreading his reign of fear and terror outside the Empire. It’s confirmed that the cause of the Windigos returning is animosity, hate among the ponies...yet Celestia described Sombra’s return in The Crystal Empire as hatred and fear taking hold. What banishes the Windigos is unity...which is ironically what Sombra does when he puts the ponies under his mind control. Though it’s through evil, he unites them and turns them into a formidable force.This leads right into the other noteworthy part, Twilight’s speech to the villains about how “there will always be darkness in the world, but there will always be those who find the light”. The discussion this part demands will not be as in-depth, as it is straight-up proof, confirmation from the show of what I talked about at the end of my last theory, the philosophy of Yin-Yang. This is the final part of my previous theory that gets called back to, where I spoke of Sombra being the dark counterpart of the Spirit of the Tree of Harmony, the Yang to its Yin. This final piece of evidence points to Sombra’s apparent connection to the Spirit of the Tree being part of the show’s biggest central theme by far...for the power of unity would be the same as the magic of friendship...ConclusionThough I do wish for this to be my final theory on the subject of King Sombra (after all, Part 3 is never as good), it is obviously out of my control if something else comes up to demand more analysis. I don’t wish to indefinitely create Sombra theories, but I also don’t want to close myself off from any more discussion of him that could be thought-provoking. I can’t deny that I do feel there are still more secrets surrounding this character that have yet to be explored, but that will be for another time. Until then, I would encourage you to do your own research and see what you can find before more evidence comes out in future pieces of MLP media. No matter what happens, long live the shadow king.
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    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    The reconstruction of this theory has been finished, including acknowledgement of the major plot twist in the final episodes.
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    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    I'm on Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy XIII. Definitely better and more challenging than I thought it would be so far.
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    Season 9, Episode 17: The Summer Sun Setback

    Even better than Frenemies. Trust me, that is saying a lot. Though there is some annoyance to the fact that the Mane 6 still have a way of being clueless to what’s really going on under their noses, it’s worth it to see how far the villains have come in terms of competence, being able to infiltrate and advance their plan without provoking any kind of suspicion to their presence. And Discord says character growth is so boring. Honestly one of the funniest lines in the series, and one of the funniest moments in the series is seeing him dressed like Jesus. I like how he continually refuses to be a Deus Ex Machina, allowing us to see how much Twilight’s friends have not changed by believing that Twilight hasn’t changed. The acknowledgement of how they still don’t listen to Applejack is just the cherry on top. Episodes about the villains are definitely tied with Celestia and Luna episodes for the easiest episodes of the show for me to love now.
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    King Sombra is Not Dead (Fan Theory)

    My confidence has only been bolstered, not swayed, by the leaks. I went back and revamped this old theory. It still contains no spoilers, don't worry. My updated version of my second theory and planned third theory will have spoilers, I am going to make them after the finale comes out, to Sombra, I will never say farewell. Farewell to LunaxSombra4Ever though.
  8. CloudMistDragon

    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    I had to remove the link to the DA version since it now has at least one spoiler. This theory will now need to go under reconstruction thanks to the early leaks, I am well-aware.
  9. CloudMistDragon

    Season 9, Episode 13: Between Dark and Dawn

    The thing I hate most about episodes like this is that they are too, too easy to love. Again, Celestia and Luna act like such characters, the comedy and story write themselves. Like, it just feels unfair almost how this episode stole The Mean 6’s spot for my favorite midseason finale like a day at the beach. Only flaw I could find in this one was some parts being hurried along...for good reason. There is only so much awesomeness from Celestia and Luna you can cram into one single episode while still having a good subplot with Twilight and her friends that gives them a struggle, yet also shows them making character progress in the end with learning how to run a kingdom. There are too many killer moments in this episode, my personal favorites being Twilight thanking the rich ponies for the constructive criticism before tossing them out, Luna actually trying to make the post office sound thrilling, and the ending, which surprisingly transitioned well from being heartwarming to hilarious. Though the actual finale will obviously be what counts the most, I still appreciate how our last midseason finale was divine. Oh yeah, and this godly moment that was screencapped by yours truly wasn't bad either. I had to update my latest theory accordingly, I am so nervouscited for the second half of the season.
  10. CloudMistDragon

    Brony Or MLP

    Gotta go with MLP fandom. The term "brony" is fine, but I feel it has more to do with the meme behind MLP, while the term "MLP fandom" is an objective description of what we are, fans of the MLP franchise.
  11. CloudMistDragon

    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    You're spoiling me. Thank you again, and on that note, I actually did recently write a comedy story about King Sombra. If you're interested.
  12. CloudMistDragon

    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    Yeah, I've thought about that. What could make a twist like that really surprising for the not overly analytical would be if a good version of King Sombra created by the Tree of Harmony appeared in the early part of the second half of Season 9. He claims to have nothing to do with the evil Sombra, but then in the end, he and his dark self fuse after the evil Sombra returns and gets defeated again. I know, it sounds very Kingdom Heartsy and it was admittedly Devil May Cry 5 that put the idea in my head. However, don't forget how that could fill in the gap of the show having no reformed or good version of Sombra, unlike the comics.
  13. CloudMistDragon

    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    Again, thank you very much for your support, man. Unfortunately, I don't have any more since I'm not a fan theorist, I'm a story writer. It's just that when I feel the inspiration to write something, whatever it be, I freaking go for it. I also totally see where you're coming from about ships (even as I don't mind them and love Discord) and Sombra's personality. As someone who prefers him in the S9 premiere for the way he actually interacted with others, there is just no way us Sombra fans can buy him only returning to be a one-shot villain again just because he was more cocky and 'competent' this time while there's still room to speculate. I'd also encourage you to go ahead with that compare and contrast topic, don't ever be afraid to do what you want to do.
  14. CloudMistDragon

    King Sombra is Still Alive (Fan Theory)

    Hey, my name is LunaxSombra4Ever for a reason! Just a joke, but even younger and dumber me knew the shipping part wouldn't sit well for some, so I kind of played it off as a joke. That's why I call myself that here, a joke on how I'd instantly be written off as a delusional shipper by people who didn't actually read the theory. But I'm so glad that you respect my work. I'm very honored to have a great fan like you.
  15. Yup, we're doing this again. PreludeIn December of 2016, I made a theory regarding King Sombra not being dead like many fans of the show were speculating and returning to the series. Most of what I said in my original theory two and a half years ago has been confirmed to be true, and I feel the theory holds up for the most part, even if there are some cringey moments from my younger and dumber self that detract from it, especially the loser shipping trash. Even with rumors of the show staff being Rarijack shippers surfacing, I have come to harbor some doubt about Luna and Sombra being a former couple, but I won’t discount the possibility of another implication about them having been in a relationship in the same vein as an implication of Celestia and Discord having been in a relationship (put briefly, a very subtle implication). That being said, what gave me the compulsion to type up this follow-up theory was not to make another addendum or jokingly rub in the fact that I was right again, for this theory focuses on an entirely different subject. This new theory is meant to offer a possible explanation for Sombra’s apparent immortality, fill the discrepancy of his return that directly followed his first defeat in the Season 9 premiere, and elaborate on why I believe that he will not only return...again, but also play a vital role in the show’s overall plot and overarching message. Sombra’s Immortality We all saw what happened in the Season 9 premiere, The Beginning of the End, I am well aware. Sombra’s ‘death scene’ towards the end has proven to be a much more memorable moment than his original ‘death scene’ in the Season 3 premiere, The Crystal Empire. We seem to be having deja vu in more ways than one, not only did Sombra get “killed” again, but fans are arguing that he’s gone for good again. This time though, we have no ‘confirmation’ from the staff that he’s dead for good, so what is there to the argument that he will never come back? For starters, the one who resurrected him in the first place, Grogar, seems to have no intent on bringing him back at the moment. If you’ve seen the episode Frenemies, you will know that the remaining three villains Grogar has enlisted to be part of his “Legion of Doom” are plotting to betray him. With speculation about Grogar knowing this as the reason why he did not revive Sombra, the only villain who openly opposed his plans, and give him another chance along with speculation about Grogar using him the entire time only as a way to keep the other villains in line, it is rational to presume that Sombra wouldn’t return based on that alone...but as we saw with our presumption that Sombra wouldn’t return based on him being blown to bits alone, it is not rational to dismiss any possibility of him returning again. More speculation used to argue that Sombra won’t return is that he was not destroyed by the first blast from the Elements of Harmony that the Mane 6 used on him, but that he merely evaded it. However, nothing in the show confirms this visually or through dialogue. The scene of King Sombra’s first defeat in the premiere clearly showed him being blown away by the magic blast and steam arising from a burn spot on the floor, implying that he was disintegrated. This scene also bears similarities to how Starlight Glimmer banished, not killed, Discord by disintegrating him with her magic in A Matter of Principals, but I digress. Upon his return after destroying the Tree of Harmony, he does not make any boasts about dodging the blast, he just says that they “thought they beat him but instead led them to the source of their power”. Very odd of him not to delve into specifics despite the extreme narcissism he was shown to have in the premiere...and had he been tracking them the entire time since his defeat, that would give Grogar no window of opportunity to revive him either. So what’s going on here? Look back at the scene of King Sombra’s first defeat in the show again...when the elements blast him, they clearly destroy him...but not the dark crystals still lingering behind him. An editor’s oversight? Possible...but oddly enough, unlike the last time where the Crystal Heart was used to banish Sombra, all of his dark crystals were clearly destroyed. This time...they simply faded. Later on in the premiere, when he is defeated for the second time, Sombra’s shadow self is completely eradicated, yet reminiscent of his very first defeat in The Crystal Empire, he is still able to manage to scream until his dark crystals are destroyed. Ergo, I do not believe that the reason Sombra was able to survive the blast from the Elements is because he dodged it, but because his crystals were not destroyed. This is also what leads me to believe that the source of Sombra’s apparent immortality is that his “shadow body” is actually a manifestation of his spirit and that his true physical form is his dark crystals. Dialogue and visuals in the show do support this hypothesis. Rarity describes Sombra’s first banishment as him being “dispelled into the ether”, acting as if he is a spirit. Also, when Grogar resurrects Sombra in the underground cave below Tartarus at the beginning, the very first thing that comes out of the ground is not Sombra’s shadow, but a dark crystal...However, in spite of all this, there are those who will still argue that Sombra won’t come back because he “served his purpose” to the show...but what purpose is that? Sombra’s PurposeNo one can deny at this point that “Big” Jim Miller, the show’s supervising director, has sentiment for the character of Sombra. Voluntarily, he did not reprise his role as King Sombra for the Season 9 premiere, getting Alvin Sanders, whom he described as a ‘real voice actor’, to replace him. Why go through the effort of finding ‘real voice talent’ for a returning throwaway villain just to give him the chance to “prove he was capable”? It seems more likely that the trouble would at least amount to Sombra doing something to impact the show in the long run, and at first, this seemed to be the case with Sombra’s destruction of the Tree of Harmony. But now, as we’ve seen with the revival of the Tree of Harmony as a haven for the Student 6, as well as taking into account the fact that the Mane 6 can still harness the power of the Elements without their physical presence, it seems that Sombra really didn’t have much of a purpose for returning after all...or did he? In The Brony Notion’s excellent theory on how The Tree of Harmony really died, he also attempts to fill in the discrepancy of Sombra surviving his first defeat. Not by asserting that Sombra’s true physical form is his crystals, but that The Spirit of Harmony actually led Sombra to the Tree, allowing him to destroy its physical body knowing what it would do for the greater good. The notion may seem laughable initially, but realize that as he brings up, there is no other time in the show where a villain has “evaded” a blast from the Elements. It also answers the question of “Who benefits?”. Certainly the Spirit of Harmony, as now, it is in a better state of being as both the bonds of the Mane 6 and Student 6 have become stronger than ever before. And none of it would have been possible if not for both King Sombra and the Tree... Interestingly, despite there being no other time in the show where a villain has “dodged” a blast from the Elements, there is one time in particular where a protagonist, not an antagonist, who needed to fulfill their destiny was “disintegrated” just as Sombra was...Twilight Sparkle. If you look closely at the scene where the elements “disintegrate” her but actually teleport her to an ethereal plane, you can see a symbol on the floor that clearly resembles a star, her cutie mark. You would think that King Sombra couldn’t possibly have this replicated in his case, since he has no visible cutie mark. However, surprise of surprises, there is a distinguishable pattern on the floor that is unlike the rest of the scorch mark...recognizable points on both sides that look like the jagged edges of Sombra’s crystals. One side ends with what looks like the tip of King Sombra’s curved horn, the other, a regular unicorn horn...could it be that like Twilight, King Sombra was only teleported to a place where he could fulfill his destiny? However, that could only mean...This is where we start to tie the knot, for this is what everything appears to all come back to...King Sombra’s ultimate purpose is intertwined with The Spirit of Harmony’s.Sombra’s SecretThis is what I believe that King Sombra has been hiding the entire time. The fact that he’s not a pony at all and never was to begin with. It would make sense considering the fact that we have never seen his cutie mark, the fact that the Crystal Heart caused him to shatter despite only making all the other residents of the Crystal Empire glow, and his bizarre obsession with crystals...because he is crystal. What is the Tree of Harmony, along with everything it creates, made out of? Crystal. Not just that, but frequently seen throughout What Lies Beneath, when the Student 6 are being tested by the Tree, is dark crystal. What color is the inside of the crystal cage Sombra uses to trap the Mane 6 in The Beginning of the End? Bright and dark blue. The same color as the Tree of Harmony and all of its crystal creations. Also take note of the way Discord describes King Sombra...a would-be king. Does he mean would-be king of Equestria? Or would-be king of the Crystal Empire back when he was in power? This is a possible hint to a twist that there is no Crystal king called Sombra...the true form of the Spirit of Harmony’s dark counterpart. Remember back in the Season 9 premiere how King Sombra was able to enter the Crystal Empire without being banished by the Crystal Heart, unlike in the Season 3 premiere. This further bolsters the notion that his shadow form is actually a spirit this time and that his form in the Season 3 premiere was his spirit inside of his shadow body of crystal. All of his forms were intertwined together. So what does this add up to? Ask yourself, who is the only other entity in the show who appears as a spirit separate from its physical body? The Tree of Harmony. A spirit that is also translucent, sparkles with glitter, and bears a striking resemblance to the Crystal ponies after they glow...Think about what else the Tree of Harmony and King Sombra share in common, besides sadistic tendencies. They both have an odd fascination with crystals, illusions and tricks of the mind, and showing others their worst fears. Coincidental? Think back to when Sombra was resurrected by Grogar again. A dark crystal of his sprouted up from the ground like a plant. In a cave no less, the same kind of place the Tree of Harmony was grown in. Yes, the Cave of Harmony has never been explored deeply, I’ll add. If you look closely at the ground before Grogar draws the magic symbol, you can clearly see that something has been planted in the middle. Now going back to what I said earlier about Sombra still being able to be ‘alive’ so long as his crystals are present, this opens up the possibility that the reason Grogar didn’t resurrect Sombra is actually because there was no need to, for his crystals could still be growing in that cave, a stone that has been clearly left unturned…Now, keep this in mind as we go back to the Season 3 premiere again. Sombra was clearly shown to have the ability to create dark crystals before he was ‘turned to shadow’, as seen by the tower surrounded by them before he got banished. Remember how Sombra was sealed in ice? And how he hid the heart to protect the empire from the storms? This goes back to what I talked about in my original theory in regards to the weather. What can plant life not survive in? Cold. This would explain why Sombra could only manifest himself as shadow mist before he reached the empire. When his horn broke off, it cemented itself into hospitable soil. That was how his dark crystals were able to grow. This would also explain why Sombra “died” and had to be “brought back” in the Season 3 premiere, but not in the Season 9 premiere after his first defeat. Unlike in the case of the latter, he didn’t have any place to grow the crystals in the ice, thus, he had no physical form. This goes along with Jim Miller’s explanation of why Sombra was so different back then compared to now, saying that back then, King Sombra was returning to the empire as a ghost. Another thing this would explain is how he would’ve been able to come back for the cameo he was originally slated for in Slice of Life. It’s not that he’s ever been truly killed, only that he’s been trying to find a way to truly return to life. Also think about how this would explain his uncanny obsession with crystals even further, how he was blasting Celestia and Luna’s throne room like a madman trying to create as many as possible...he wants to branch out and grow as much as possible, just like a tree…Ultimately, this is what I believe Sombra’s true nature is...the Yang to the Yin that is the Spirit of Harmony. Think back now to how Celestia first described the Crystal Empire to Twilight, a place that would either be filled with love and hope or hatred and fear. There was no middle ground. Either pure light or pure darkness would rule...and this is what I believe is the secret to King Sombra’s immortality. Just as the philosophy of Yin-Yang speaks of how there is no good without evil, Sombra will always exist so long as the Spirit of Harmony does too. Conclusion Just like last time, I will reiterate that this is only a fan theory subject to correction, you are your own best judge. I may have been right once, but that does not mean I’ll be right again. I encourage you to form your own opinions from your own observations, this is only my personal perspective that I wanted to offer. Not everything in your personal theories has to be accurate to a T, every little part of my original theory certainly wasn’t. This is all a product of deductive reasoning, observation, and trial and error. None of us know what goes on in the heads of the show makers, this is all for fun and we may as well make the most of that fun with the show coming to an end soon. Whatever happens in the second half of the show and in the finale, I will accept. The nature of the character of Sombra and his ultimate fate are the decision of the show staff that I will respect. To me, however, Sombra will always still be alive. To me, he is an immortal shadow. Sombra’s Impending Return…? (EDIT: 6/22/2019) Recently, with the conclusion of the first half of Season 9, a screencap (link is in the description) taken of the scene where Princess Celestia is roaming a forest alone in the midseason finale revealed the strongest piece of evidence to support this theory so far. A shadow passing by at lightning speed was revealed to bear an uncanny likeness to the image of King Sombra. I acknowledge this to not be irrevocable confirmation of his return. However, considering the hints that the show creators have dropped in the past regarding character returns with cryptic background visuals, such as in the case of Starlight Glimmer and the Changelings, to simply write off or ignore evidence like this is unimaginable. I strongly suspect more than ever now that our king will be returning once again soon...