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  1. Hi there looking do this rp if intersted ask me
  2. Okay thanks but one problem how do i get attention to my idea i'am just one folk
  3. Hi there i got interesting or ambitious i need help.I want write story for equstria girls take over pony equstria need some ideas on how to do this correct so just need some tips
  4. i make more interesting how about equstria girls want take over equstria if you want agree with my idea you can talk me more
  5. Yep agreed there Moriens
  6. Agreed there Moriemens if makes you happy continue with it ignore bad ones Agreed there also Erine the songs quite catchy really good and emoital at times so not bad there thanks
  7. I agree with you loneyfanboy 48 even it's not going happean i still like idea thanks for suggesting your idea
  8. First fan fac okay i'am really sorry that scrwed up i'am really sorry
  9. So hi there i would like appear in your story
  10. Oh okay thanks bronyaccount thanks for your advice
  11. Thanks for advice cinder vel
  12. So what your saying cinder vel it's okay like equstria girls
  13. Hi there is it wrong for 20 year old liking equstria girls more than main series is that problem i need help
  14. Hi there if anypony is interested in equstria girl rp pm me i will talk you more