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  1. decp

    Post yer desktops

  2. Two weeks of vacations has ended, and... I didn't nothing productive :c


  3. One exam to go, and three free weeks ^^

  4. decp

    Hello! First time in here!

    Oh, ok, I understand.
  5. decp

    Hello! First time in here!

    Whooooo hello! i'm from Poland too! ^^ Nice to meet you! which city are you from? BC2 that was a awesome game. I used to be in clan, eh... good old days.
  6. decp

    Hi howdy hey!

    Hi! Nice to meet you! ^^
  7. decp

    Ask a random question

    Sometimes Yes, I do. Do you like little kittens?
  8. decp


    Hello! Nice to meet you! ^^
  9. decp

    What are you listening to?

    One of my favorite song in english version:
  10. So many exams  :c
     And lack of desire to learning :v

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    2. decp


      Hue, the good news is that I passed one today.

      Only 4 to go.

    3. CookedChicken73


      Just split your 4 exams into 20 pieces. Then you'll have 4 20 piece exams.

      I'm just saying things like this because you're picture has mlg in it :ajlol:

    4. decp
  11. decp


    Heeeeelllooo! ^^
  12. decp

    HEEELOO!!!! :)

    So, know you know one more! I must say, that, I wasn't on many ponymeets, but now it's changing. If you have a question about Poland, go ahead! ^^ Aaanddd, "Teen Titans Go" is really bad? I didn't watch.
  13. decp

    Listen Up!

    Hi! ^^