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  1. Hello everyone and ... well this is my first post and I hope this doesn't look a bit bold or anything that bother any of you but let me get to the point A rougly one year and a half ago i have this idea ofcreat a complet new world with it own characters, history and all that can exist in a world of fantasy, with the only popuse to serve as a plataform or background history or lore for a Trading Card Game but not only a simple TCG, I want something more, as far I can remember I was always in the tcg games, since my first duel in yugiho through pokemon tcg and magic the gathering to, I think that three games was my best master for make something like this. Now this is the thing, the game I whant to create is call Rise of the Hamronizer and it will be a complete free to play game, once the art part is done i release all the cards for all, talking about cards, the first core set is done "Surge of Menace" a complet 284 core set with differents cards with unique thematics, differents ways to play an even the option to be in the side of the heros or the not so good badies Menace, so as i say the game is complet in the gameplay but something is missing, due to my lack of draw skills... (or well, I can't draw so well... so many cards...) I need some help in the art departament, so there is 284 who needs art. as i say in a previews video (you can watch it here) So Iam asking to any artist if they can, to make a cart, also its need to have some cuality, i don't whant to ask for much so if you can draw something like this Or something like this Your art is good enoug, and also if you can do something like a linea art thats ok, I can make the color part, also the first thing to do is to contac me to see wich card you can draw, as I say before there is 284 cards but i will make something like a randomised chose for each card and tell you wich card you can draw if you don't like any of the option i can change it if there is still cards without artist working on it, Now you can contact me either way via this forum Topic or by mi deviantart youtube and twiter cold be an option to but only if you dont have anythig like that Youtube Twitter And if you need or want to contact me in a more direct way you can use facebook and my e-mail Facebook Hotmail So I know that maybe this is ask for much and i dont really have anything to give in return, the only thing I can give you to all of you is that your name will be in the final public release of this game, also I want to tell you that form this point till forward this game is not my, its our game for the community, I really whant to bring this idea to reallity and I hope you enjoy as much as I am doing something like this. So hope you have a nice day and thanks for taking your time to read and watch all of this, I really appreciated you take your time but bfore to wrapup this let me give you a bit of a sneak peak See you later and thanks Sincerely: you nerd unicorn Single Gear (Isaac)