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  1. Steel Bass

    Advice Needed.

    Thank you all for the advice! I am going to take all of this into account going into the new year.
  2. Steel Bass

    Advice Needed.

    Hello. I realize going into Christmas that I am not normal in any sense. not just that I am a brony, but much more than that. I feel alone and I feel unloved by anyone. I want to connect with someone. I want to have someone to talk with every night. I want to be able to pour my heart out to them without any filter. I want someone to love, and I can't find it. I know that this sounds stupid, and I have never been remotely affected by this, but for some reason, I want to have someone to be able to help me through tough times and to help them through them too. I want to be loved. I can't talk to anyone because I have really bad social anxiety, and my only friend I can talk to is in rehab. my family doesn't care and I don't know what to do. I don't want you to feel bad for me, but can anyone please give me advise. Thanks for even reading this.
  3. Steel Bass

    A weird idea i awlays wanted to do...

    Hey, I might be able to help. It just depends on what your project but, I would be more than willing to help.
  4. Steel Bass

    I need some Advice

    I have a problem on my hands. i have a friend who i want to ask out but i don't know weather or not to do it. if im right then all will go well but i have tried it before and i lost my closest friend so i need help on how to handle this Edit: Thank you guys for the help but, she freind-zoned me. I guess that is what is supposed to happen