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  1. StormBlaze

    Denz Xavier and StormBlaze's Music Stuff

    thanks for that. Umm I think its Denz' way of thinking when it comes to making his tracks free to download. he's got them on BandCamp, but also on Soundcloud, so the links are there just not free. Maybe we'll put the covers up to download at least, since they are covers and not his original songs. I'll let him know.
  2. StormBlaze

    Denz Xavier and StormBlaze's Music Stuff

    thanks, but most well dones should go to Denz. I'll see if i can get him to sign up on here and give you a better reply. The tracks are entirely digital except for his guitarwork which is done through his guitar. thanks, but please go sub to Denz as well as he does most of the work. I have a few vocal tracks on his channel one our collabs.
  3. StormBlaze

    Denz Xavier and StormBlaze's Music Stuff

    thanks, thats what i keep telling him when he looks up the stats and its not moved much =/ i get the same with my artwork, but theres always something that gets some attention, just keep at it as you never know which one will take off. one i didnt link on here is one of his acoustic ones which I hope you'll give a listen if you're not so into his main genre. Its my fave song he's written and its quite pleasant to listen too ^^
  4. This is a thread I want to use to update music that myself and my partner, Denz Xavier have done, either together or on our own/with others. Denz is the musical mastermind of our duo. He's the one with the talent and know how, he does all the mixing and tracks from scratch, so any questions on the music itself should go to him. Me? I'm just a voice and mostly do covers of songs as I have zero exp in song writing. I've never worked on anything original. Denz writes his own songs, but sings most of his. We have yet to do an actual duet. Denz' music style varies through rock, alt rock and a hint of industrial at times, he also does the occasional acoustic track. Because of his preferred genre, it makes it very difficult to get widely noticed in this fandom, but I hope posting in here, which EQD seems to have a more active music section than other forums, will get some new audience in for him. I hate seeing him so down because no one is listening to his stuff when he's so good at it (I'll be making a rant post on the topic soon). OUR CHANNELS! Denz Xavier - Youtube - Bandcamp - Soundcloud StormBlaze - Youtube - Soundcloud Here's some of our stuff for you to listen to. Enjoy and please subscribe!
  5. StormBlaze

    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3

    my BF and I did a song cover of how great she is btw (based from Red Dwarf's Rimmerworld song) he also really likes the old evil Glimglam a lot more than the current one. anyone else the same? I prefer Sunset Shimmer personally ^^; still havent warmed up to Starlight.
  6. once i get home, I'm going to making a lot of noise with a complaint about the way music is treated here in the brony fandom. im starting to reach breaking point about it.

    1. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      What do you mean? I only ever see praise and amazing music.

  7. StormBlaze

    Listen Up!

    Thank you very much, so far so good, I hope it stays that way for us ^^ ^^ awesome, really glad to see that he has got some recognition, I hope to increase it for him being here. Thank you! And thanks for all the welcomes guys! I'll be putting up some creative threads in various sections so you can find my galleries and our Youtube channels and other music links =D
  8. StormBlaze

    Music Swap Thread

    Humor hmm? well this is humorous if you like Red Dawrf, otherwise its just a song about how greta Starlight is XD Suggestion: The Starlight Glimmer Experience - Denz Xavier Likes: D&B/Dance with an Orchestral streak to it. So think on the lines of Evening Star's kinda style.
  9. StormBlaze

    Listen Up!

    hi there! and yup im very keen on the music scene
  10. StormBlaze


    a tad bias here because he wrote it for my Birthday and as a little love song before we started dating, but I love this so much! Soarin' Free - Denz Xavier It also got an Orchestral Remix by MeetSoudar
  11. StormBlaze

    List of Metal and Rock across the fandom

    dude dude dude dude!!!!!! <3 You have my bf Denz added to the playlist!!! you get a virtual hug from me! He'll be so happy to know that someone has his music on a playlist! I'm on a quest to get his creative confidence up. Thanks!
  12. StormBlaze

    Brony Muscians you don't listen to anymore?

    im pretty much done with Black Gryphon, Mando and Tombstone. I'll have the older stuff playing but recently, ive just not been so bothered. I guess ive calmed down from the fandom hype this year a bit. Just chilled out more.
  13. StormBlaze

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    shocked to see that Denz Xavier hasnt been added, he's been on bonus music like nearly every month. also add me up there will ya? since I do vocal covers and collabs with a range of musicians
  14. StormBlaze

    Listen Up!

    I'm StormBlaze and Im here to make a name for myself and my partner Denz Xavier here on Equestria Daily. Im new to this here forum, but im known in the UKofEquestria Crowd and rising up through MLP Forums. So what do I do? - I'm an artist - I'm a singer - I do a little Voice acting - I'm British I'm also good at making new friends and socilising. So gimme a shout. I freaking LOVE THE WONDERBOLTS! Soarin is my husbando horse. I'm also good at making a fuss and I have a personal bone to pick with EQD's way of dealing with the Brony music community, especially those who are wanting to leave their mark on the fandom. I will make a thread about it and see who else has the same problem, but my heart sinks when my partner's music submissions get ignored and shoved into Bonus Music posts when he deserves his time in the spotlight. He's one of the few that break the mold in the typical brony music genre. I'll end my rant here but I will move it to the music section if you want to red about under-appreciated music bronies. He's not really one for promoting like I do. That's why I'm here though, to help my boyfriend out of the creative dumps and into the limelight. Catch me around the music and art scenes!