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    Video and board games, spending time with family and friends, and recently MLPFiM series. Very easy going and enjoy just about anything.
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  1. Moriens

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Just started getting into Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 and probably about 20% of the way through it. Pretty awesome game, just don't have a lot of time to play much this year. Really digging the PS4 games and taking a break from the ol PC.
  2. Moriens

    Will you watch G5?

    Sure will and hope it will be as good or better than 4. Always worth giving it a chance, just like I did with this show.
  3. Moriens

    a very witchy birthday

    Hope it is a good one, happy birthday!
  4. Moriens

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    8 is my favorite, though I did spend more time on 7. Didn't really dig 10 a whole lot, but I did love the blitzball minigame on it. I recently picked 9 up as well and am going to play through that one at some point in the future. I just really liked the characters in 8 and the love story and whole setting in general. Thought it was pretty cool. 7 is a very close 2nd for me.
  5. Moriens


    Hey and welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here. No greys huh...lucky! I'm only 31 and have a 2 front war with hair recession, along with a headfull of greys. I blame the fact that I didn't join this community sooner hehe. Glad to have ya aboard!
  6. Moriens


    Welcome and hope you enjoy the community here. Lot of great people and discussions going on all the time.
  7. Moriens

    Hi Everypony!

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!
  8. Moriens

    How did everyone discover MLP??

    Last year someone sent me some videos on youtube of Esteban trolling the game Second Life. When he trolled the bronies, they reacted in a really chill way compared to the rest of the community of the game. I had never heard of the term "brony", since I lived under a rock at that time, and was curious about the whole thing. That led me to watch a few documentaries and then decided to give the show a go myself.
  9. Moriens


    Welcome to the forums Pumpkin Matt. Glad to have you aboard and hope you find all the info you are looking for. Plenty of dedicated and knowledgeable fans here for sure!
  10. Hope you enjoy your stay here! Great community, welcome.
  11. Moriens

    Your very first fictional crush~!

    Prairie Dawn from Sesame street. My mom used to tease me about it lol. I think I was like 5 or 6 years old.
  12. Yeah, very happy with how they have been. As it goes I keep having new favorites this season lol. Royal Problems just took the spot for my new favorite this year. Wonder if any of the next ones will top it.
  13. Moriens

    Depression and You

    I just remind myself the wind will keep on blowing the next day, despite whatever I'm feeling or do. So I just try and pass the time in whatever way sucks less...usually I'll grab a beer and just try to find something that I can do to unwind and take my mind off of things. Doing things with the wife and kids that make them happy will usually cheer me up, so I might go play soccer or frisbee or something like that or take them out to eat since the kids having a good time will probably lighten my mood. Sometimes I just want to be alone if it is really bad, so might listen to music or go sit outside or fiddle around with something in the yard or garage. I like to be outside a lot of times if I'm feeling down, no matter how hot or cold. That usually helps me out. If it lasts longer than a few hours or I just can't get things out of my mind, then I usually vent to my wife about whatever is on my mind and she always finds a way to fix the problem, even if I'm depressed about something with her or the kids or family etc. I think having a good friend or someone who listens and you can relate to definitely helps a lot, even if it is hard to want to talk to anyone. I'm pretty anxious and not at all the kind of person that likes to be around many people, especially if I'm depressed, but I know enough to recognize that if I'm feeling down and can't get over it that I should just spill whatever it is and see if someone can help me through it, which hasn't failed me yet and often wish I had done it sooner. I also promised my wife that I'd stay married to her for at least 80 years, so I don't want to be called a liar anytime soon. Long term goals can be helpful. Having a cool community here to let you know you aren't alone is also pretty awesome, and ponies!! lol
  14. Moriens

    What's your poison?

    I never really considered myself a pop music fan, normally preferring rock, metal, techno, or classical etc. Since 2012 though, I've had the guilty pleasure of drinking and listening to K-pop and J-pop bands and a few times a month Eurovision grand finale re-runs. I live in the US and the whole Eurovision thing just puts me in a good mood for some reason, I guess a shock to the system lol. I like to drink various types of beer, but especially enjoy stouts and darker beers. Occasionally I'll have some absinthe or other mixed drink instead if I'm not up to drinking a whole lot of calories. A less guilty pleasure involves drinking and playing video games on uneventful weekends, but I feel like that is somewhat common.
  15. Moriens

    Starlight's own Mane 6? (Just a thought)

    Trixie and Maud for sure, could also see Thorax being in the gang. I'd also like to think Sunburst could come back into the mix with a dynamic like that. Heavy on the magic! Maybe if Sunset Shimmer actually crossed over too...I'd dig it.