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    Positivity in 2017~

    (Ya I know I'm posting this very early in the year, I'm impatient sue me x3;;) So~ 2017 has just begun, and a lot remains to be seen about how it'll turn out. Maybe it'll be a year many will remember fondly forever, or one with many challenges where every bit of strength and motivation matters. Maybe it'll even be a year full of pizza; idk about you, but I'd be very down with that :3 But regardless of how it goes, I think it can do us all a lot of good to notice the positivity this year when it occurs, be it huge leaps like cures and such being developed, or small shining moments like making new friends or overcoming a problem you've battled a long time. So, yus! To keep us attentive to such things, I want to ask: what are you guys looking forward to this year? Any ways you're planning on developing/you've developed for the best? :3 Feel free to even mention highlights of this year when they come, be it a new song that got you inspired or a wonderful game that you can't help putting hours into, and what have you. Good news/deeds are also welcome if you've heard or received or took part in any by whenever you post here this year, as are motivational quotes and stuff in general that you feel make sense for this topic; just post whatever you can that'll keep things looking bright! ^_^
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    Positivity in 2017~

    Not to be rude or anything, but maybe this could be discussed somewhere else if that's alright? No offence, it's just this is becoming slightly off-topic, and idk if someone who visits this thread for the sake of what it is would feel comfortable jumping in when there's a political discussion happening instead ^^;