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  1. me and my friend actually own our own vanilla mc server the only thing thats not pure vanilla is that I used commands to give me and him and a few of my friends colored names and an few command block machines that dont even effect gameplay for non-opped players
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    im also kind of new to forums in general this is actually probably the first time I have ever said anything on a forum
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    Hello. im sort of new to this but not really Ive been watching mlp since I think about 2-3 years idk I have been reading fanfics, listening to songs made by the brony community, and looking at the amazing fanart but I havent really actually got involved with anyone in the fandom and I would like to change that none of my friends are interested in mlp and tired of not having anyone to talk to about it anyway I live in Missouri im 16 years old saying im a bit of a computer nerd would be an understatement I have been programming for about 4 years now I play alot of video games I love music and idk im a bit shy I have rewritten this thing about 19 times now basically Ive been "lurking" for awhile now because I have been to shy and/or nervous to try actually participating in this fandom so instead of overthinking things and deleting this for the 20th time im just going to hit submit topic here goes nothing