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  1. ndogmario

    A Casual Episode idea

    3 Thank you for the compliment about the Rarity idea. And you don't see Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy getting into a conflict with each other. Every time they are together there is some sort of conflict rather unintentional or passive aggressive remarks. Although it is very subtle. Think about it. Whenever Fluttershy argues its often with Pinkie Pie. The whole point of the "Sweetie Belle shares her parents" idea it is that it's awkward. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom thinks it's sort of weird too. And what's wrong with confirming that Scootaloo doesn't have a father . she could easily have a single mother in theory. And just like Applejack's parents, they don't have to say it, just heavily imply it. And your background character ideas you had sound a bit fanfiction-ny which is what I'm trying to avoid with these episode concepts. But the one with the "Mad pranking machine Twilight" I can actually see happening as a canon episode.
  2. ndogmario

    A Casual Episode idea

    Boom! Episode idea! Sweetie Belle figures that she been taking her family for granted Sweetie Belle says how she can’t imagine what will be like without her dad. Then Apple Bloom sneaks in a joke somewhere about how neither Apple Bloom or Scootaloo “have no idea what it’s like to grow up without a dad”. Realizing what she just said , Sweetie Belle become shocked at her own insensitivity and apologize. So what Sweetie Belle does is try to share her parents with Applebloom and Scootaloo to try to help them know what it’s like to have parents.
  3. I cannot be the only one. We all wish for our own personal episode about some Grand epic adventure or a little back story. But what about just some good old-fashioned Slice of Life episodes? I don't hear enough episode ideas about the Mane 6 meeting a Stan Lee pony who writes comic books inspired by them, or a episode about a rivalry between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, or an episode about Rarity just trying to finish her errands but but is always stopped to help someone that not only takes up her time but also her resources and supplies which caused her to go back and buy more stuff just for it to be used up in another situation. These are the ideas that I want to hear in this thread let me know what you got for a casual Slice of Life episode of My Little Pony.
  4. ndogmario

    Whom would you dedicate this song?

    No one in particular ... But many of the whole
  5. ndogmario

    Yo I'm some random brony guy

    Community moderator huh? So I guess you're the guy who has to ban the people who post porn on this site
  6. Have you guys ever came across one of those "non-FanFictions"? You know the ones, where the fanfic in question has nothing to do source material exept for a few characters' names - and those said characters only vaguely act like the source material - as if the fan fiction was actually about something else a one point?... I've seen a couple but I don't quite remember what they were called. One of them that I can remember was actually a Sonic fanfiction but they just be placed Sonic with Rainbow Dash and Amy was Pinkie Pie. I've discovered this after doing a little bit of research and using some kind of search engine that can locate phrases in paragraphs of text. I also looked for author elsewhere. Then I found that they actually post the same fanfiction on another site at the Sonic fanfiction and according to the day that one was posted earlier. Another one was just some furry erotica turned into a clop-fic by putting Pony characters in it. There are a few others I have suspicions of but I haven't actually confirmed whether or not they were "non-fanfictions". Like one about Rainbow Dash being trapped in the sewers with somethin. She seemed a bit too out of character - almost suspiciously too out of character ,as if she's literally written as another character. And another one was about being gay. Gnd the characters seem a bit too... token, as if they could be easily exchanged with anyone else (which I believe with the intent of the author). I'm not sure, maybe I'm just being too critical. to me it sounds very lazy and disingenuous to just replace characters from a old fan fiction to make a "new" fanfiction. And who knows maybe the ones that I had a suspicion of but no evidence were actually legit Fanfictions just the characters was just wrote in a very Bland way. I don't know , what do you guys think? have you ever came across a "non-fanfiction" before and if so, tell me about them.
  7. ndogmario

    Yo I'm some random brony guy

    Okay let's turn it down a little bit that's a bit too much hype
  8. ndogmario

    Yo I'm some random brony guy

    I feel it'll be nice to talk to you mister moderator
  9. Very interesting backstory you formulate it there
  10. ndogmario

    Yo I'm some random brony guy

    [Insert Fantastic Four and/or Stephen King reference here] [ maybe even a "pony.mov" reference if you're feeling up to it]
  11. ndogmario

    Yo I'm some random brony guy

    You probably see me around Brony square, Everypony.com, Pony Crush, Rainbow Dash Network, Canterlot forums, and several other brony based websites. I'm also on deviantART and a bit on YouTube
  12. Hello my name is Nick and I would like to introduce myself. I'm an up-and-coming artist of the pony variety and a amateur YouTuber and pony analysts. I'm also a bit of a writer and not just for fanfiction. I also write several original stories myself. You can check out my works on my deviantART I hope to meet many new friends and have intriguing conversations conversations about art, videos and theories about the pony show. As well as working with you all on art collabs, fanfiction, and much more. Hope to see you soon.