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  1. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    I can't wait. ^_^
  2. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Got it. Thank you. ^_^
  3. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Awesome! I can work on this when I get off work this afternoon. I will reply to this forum with the sketch to wait your approval. Did you want a specific background or gradient or something?
  4. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Oh I see it now! I'm so sorry for that trouble. I haven't worked on emotion as much as I would like. I haven't tried that kind of an emotion before but I could try it out, send you a sketch before I do the final piece and you can decide then if it works for you or not.
  5. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Hmm... I'm still not seeing it for some reason.. It could be that I am just missing it? I'm kind of new to this forum.
  6. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    I'm sorry which emotion is it? I don't see an image or anything to base it off of.
  7. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Hey, guys! I am looking to get a few extra commissions. I am running out of inspiration and nothing makes me happier than drawing an OC or something of the like. All of my commissions are Pay What You Want. This means that as long as you pay a minimum of $1, you can pay me as much as you like and think I deserve. Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you only pay me $1. If I would have been butt-hurt by that, I would have set the minimum a bit higher. I accept PayPal or Deviantart points. I can do traditional sketches or digital. traditional sketches will be mailed to you. They will not be colored or framed. Here are a few examples of my work. You can find more at
  8. ChuchipDraws

    Art and Stuff - Warning: LARGE PICTURES

  9. ChuchipDraws

    Deviantart ARPG

    I didn't see a section that specifically said rules. Sorry if I missed it.
  10. ChuchipDraws

    Deviantart ARPG Hey guys! You're probably wondering why I am making a topic for a group I created! I am hoping to get some fellow MLP fans and lovers to join this group! It's a group based on art and roleplay (You don't even have to be a digital artist or a great one!) All I ask if that you take the time to look at the group. It just started, so things will be rough and not too active but that's why I'm here. I would love to add people to the group so we can build a community!
  11. I am beyond tired. I don't get much sleep anymore but I enjoy what I do so I won't complain much about my life. It's taken me a few days to organize my group, but I think it looks okay as of now.

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    2. ChuchipDraws


      It's this link: I am still trying to make the front of it look more appealing, but it's hard when it's not a super group. ^_^"

    3. Nuke87654


      Roger that, ty very much ChuchipDraws

    4. ChuchipDraws


      Anytime, Nuke! If you ever need anything, just let me know!

  12. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here:
  13. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here: