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  1. Peaceful Chaos

    Hi howdy hey!

    Hmm... I believe I have noticed a pattern of posting! People Ponies (Horse puns are a holy scripture) tend to use the site's horse emoticons! So I guess I should try that out? Did I do a good?
  2. Peaceful Chaos

    Hi howdy hey!

    Shoooot! I never expected all these random pones to actually come here! Thanks for actually responding, and doing random things all you random pones do! So says Mr. Deuterium atom the isotope! (Profile pic)
  3. Peaceful Chaos

    Hi howdy hey!

    Howdy! Hi! Hey! How y'all doin'? I'm new here, as if that weren't already obvious, and I'm not precisely sure if I'll be posting anything on this site anytime soon... But hopefully I will power through my laziness and do something I've been hoping to start for a while! Would anybody here lend a ha-HOOF! I was going to say hoof, (Horse puns are a holy scripture) and give me some pointers? Or just say something completely irrelevant that is somehow still interesting? Now uh, I don't rightly expect many of y'all to see this, so I'll just leave this here I suppose.