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    inv art

    is this place still alive i just wanted to say that i got a little better from the last time i posted my art here ages ago
  2. invertigo

    Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir Cool Spyro-esque indie game that's being developed independently. There's a demo in the Youtube video description if you want to see what it is for yourself.
  3. invertigo

    Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir

    And successfully backed around 20 minutes ago. Good job everyone, see you next year.
  4. invertigo

    Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir

    SAVE THE BIRB BACK TODAY $1000 left in less than 3 hours Very doable
  5. invertigo

    RIP SiIvagunner 1/9/2016-9/30/2016

    He says it in parentheses, Aaron. Step it up.
  6. invertigo

    LFP Steel/Silver

    ANOTHER team?
  7. invertigo

    General TF2 Ranked Match Making Thread

    I got the same feelings from matchmaking as the one from when I played CS:GO's competitive scene: the rapidly beating heart and the drive to work together. Not even the multiple offclasses were offputting enough to dissuade me from knowing that this will be the largest and best change to happen to TF2.
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    To be honest, Gigabyte, Data Stream, Sidequest, and Arcade Heart sound more like appealing names for a forum that has no focus on a particular game genre.
  9. invertigo

    Rookie player

    The more you play, the more little bits and pieces you pick up. When I first started, I was in a server where a rather competent pyro tended to join often, and I found myself having to keep an eye out for him more than I would for spies, as he had a way of sneaking and airblasting rockets away. It only took a few tries (read: days) to figure out how to take him down on my own.
  10. invertigo


    There was a thread for mascots from August, but I don't think you would have found it regardless.
  11. The original topic was removed along with the subtopic. ok And I have no idea who pia sama is, Zen.
  12. invertigo

    Heyo /

    Aiyo, welcome to the forums. Ignore our pet, ZACK.
  13. invertigo

    === Current Map List ===

    I really hope those pony maps in the second list don't pop up. Some of the weirdest people are attracted to them.
  14. invertigo

    Custom HUDs

  15. invertigo

    New Forum! Talk about it!

    It looks nice, but each post is a lot bigger and harder to distinguish. Must be all the white.
  16. invertigo


    Subtlety is not your style, is it?
  17. invertigo

    Some banners?

    Some ideas.
  18. invertigo

    Them's Fightin' Herds!

    Seeing as how I liked Skullgirls, but not to the point of taking the time to master the game mind you, this'll be a fighting game that will hopefully pique my interest and keep it that way.
  19. invertigo

    Some banners?

    We still need that mascot to be completed before we can stick him/her on a banner, so I'm waiting on that.
  20. invertigo

    What do you main?

    That's not fair, I like playing as 3. Soldier Medic Scoot
  21. invertigo

    PASS Time Feedback

    Most of the pubbers who play PASS don't know how to FREAKING PASS. THAT'S THE NAME OF THE GAME, BUT THEY DON'T DO IT.
  22. invertigo

    Trixie Trixie Trixie

    [insert best pony banter here]