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    TIS-100 (The Game For Programming Nerds)

    So I've been busy elsewhere ad not around here as much (and I guess this thread kind of died in the meanwhile). I've still been playing the game and am committed to eventually figuring out every last puzzle. I'm actually two puzzles short in the first part of the game and 3 puzzles short in the second part. Honestly while I now there are higher level languages out there to play with, solving puzzles in assembly honestly makes me want to use exploits on stuff like Pokemon Red and Super Mario World to maybe make my own payloads. Honestly I'd almost think it would be cooler to find an exploit myself... Outside of that, I guess it'd be fun to learn how to write Lua scripts that help out in the TAS community.
  2. Welcome to the forums and the show. I'm new to the former but not the latter. It's good to see that the show is still pulling in new fans even in the year 2017!
  3. CodePony

    Hey, EGD...

    I really want to find the episode this is from for context. Edit: And yeah, I didn't even think about this being a bump before I bumped it.
  4. CodePony

    TIS-100 (The Game For Programming Nerds)

    Nice. Unfortunately even with my background I do not code for a living and struggle to find good goals for what I want to code. Also, even if I did find some inspiration I feel like I need to heavily derust my skills with the particulars of more than a few languages. It's a bit spoilery (as much as a game about coding can be) and a bit late-game (the latter part of "part 2" of the game), but here's some code that I made that calculates a^b with nothing but addition and subtraction (at least on the mathematical side). I guess it's something I'm particularly proud of.
  5. CodePony

    Hello, I suppose.

    Keeping up with the show has never been a problem with me. I've been watching since about mid-late season 1.
  6. Wow. So I've been less involved with Equestria Daily for the past few years (though still deep enough into the show and fandom) and I swing by one day and suddenly the place has forums! So I guess I could introduce myself briefly. I'm approaching 30, I have an Associates Degree in Information Technology with a computer programming emphasis, and I live in the middle of the US.
  7. So I'm sure I can't be the only person out there that has played this game, right? For those not in the now the game is on Steam and you basically write in a very simple assembly-like coding language to manipulate numbers to achieve certain goals. It's pretty challenging and you really have to think about how you're structuring your code to get everything to actually work properly.