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  1. Gimbal Lock as an Equestria Girl... guess Twilight had enough on her hooves and decided she was better off as Sunset's problem.
  2. Lemur

    My Little Drawthread

    Been forever since I've posted here but tonight's a special announcement me and willdabeard have recently finished a one off Nutmeg comic (his OC), so head over to my DA to read it and enjoy. Happy Hearth's warming! https://lytlethelemur.deviantart.com/
  3. Been busy lately, but me and willdabeard have recently finished a one off nutmeg comic, so head over to my DA to read it and enjoy. Happy Hearth's warming! https://lytlethelemur.deviantart.com/
  4. Lemur

    [HELP] Keys to successful meet up?

    I'd recommend dedicating a future meetup were everyone gives there input in what they'd like to accomplish either personally or as a group. Examples "I'd like to do ice skating" or "I want to learn how to draw better." Then organize future meetups based on that input and feasibility. Also maybe dedicate the first half to a round table discussion/ perhaps split into groups since you said you something like 30 people.Create teams, they can draw they're own logo/ make their own chant and you compete in games (pictionary/ volleyball/swat tag) whatever comes to mind/ feasible. Just some suggestions, best of luck to you and your group. I'd join but I'm in Georgia and moving soon.
  5. Lemur

    Pooler is Cooler for watching Ponies

    An update for the MLP movie, the meetup went very well about 5 of us went to the movie, it was a lot of fun. Funny thing is I'm still people my meetup so I've scheduled a meetup for any interested parties if not I'm eating pizza and having a brew your welcome to join me if your in the Pooler, Savannah Ga area. Just ask the hostess for Andrew or Pooler is Cooler for watching ponies.
  6. just fluff art of Gimbal and Champion, maybe some better art later busy with freelance project and more comics.
  7. Lemur

    My Little Drawthread

    been neglecting this thread for a bit but finally got some new art up for it, A commission for Deamonrecon/ the Alicorns as Jojo's Bizarre Adventures characters (diamond is unbreakable)
  8. Not related to our game but this was a commission I working for a bit and finally finished.
  9. Gimbal's last words were "Hey check it out, Ha, Ha, Pinkie actually ordered a dominatrix this year!"
  10. Okay Swift you can tell me to knock this off, but to everyone following this blog I've started my own sporadic RP using the Equestria Tail's RP and I couldn't help but make a drawing of Character I intro to the PC's, Big Daddy McColt's and Ma Hoofield's (among dozen's) grandchild Jaw Harp. Think of him's as West Virginia's answer to Apple Bloom. That is not to say I've abandon artwork on the Equestria Chronical's RP, oh no, I'm actually working on a second comic book based on the adventure staring Nutmeg and working hand in hand with Willdabeard on it.
  11. I like this new style keep it up swift, I do apologize for the old lady bit that I came up with it was very unnecessary to the story.
  12. If your in the Savannah GA/ Hilton Head SC area feel free join me, I'm having a very low key, loosely organized meet up to see the My Little Pony Movie, the meet up was just get this up on EQD's main board too under the same name. Check out the link if you're in the area and interested https://www.meetup.com/Pooler-is-Cooler-for-watching-Ponies/events/243508814/, feel free to message me for details, come as you are, no spoilers, be civil.
  13. my depiction of Rhythm Quartz, Swift I apologize in advance if the colors are off, I drew her for a local drink and draw session here in Savannah.
  14. Gimbal's outfit for the concert. "Alicorn Princess of Rock N' Roll".