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  1. I like this new style keep it up swift, I do apologize for the old lady bit that I came up with it was very unnecessary to the story.
  2. If your in the Savannah GA/ Hilton Head SC area feel free join me, I'm having a very low key, loosely organized meet up to see the My Little Pony Movie, the meet up was just get this up on EQD's main board too under the same name. Check out the link if you're in the area and interested https://www.meetup.com/Pooler-is-Cooler-for-watching-Ponies/events/243508814/, feel free to message me for details, come as you are, no spoilers, be civil.
  3. my depiction of Rhythm Quartz, Swift I apologize in advance if the colors are off, I drew her for a local drink and draw session here in Savannah.
  4. Savannah Georgia Bronies?

    Cool, your not in Hardeeville or Hilton Head area are you?
  5. Gimbal's outfit for the concert. "Alicorn Princess of Rock N' Roll".
  6. My Little Drawthread

    I made these a while back and I apologize for posting these so late. Not a terribly original concept but one I had alot of fun with . A homage to the Fight is Magic fan game and its new incarnation "Them's Fighting Herds" https://www.mane6.com/. I absolutely adore the characters they're all very cute. I Imagine that Arizona and Applejack would have very heated fight possibly with swear words like "roadapple" and "cowpie" being thrown about.
  7. This was while back but I dreamed up a impulse buy by Gimbal Lock while she was reforming her Uncle Chill Factor in Manehatten a while back. She purchased a painting titled the Princess's Supper by realist painter Egg Tempura, who is known for his court painting of the Crystal Empire Royals. Here is she is gloating to her manager, Paper Waltz.
  8. Very cool, keep us posted and feel free to bounce Ideas off on me, my group has our own game going, Equestria Chronicles, (not Tails of Equestria though, the old Roleplaying is Magic system).
  9. My Little Drawthread

    Next>>>>fav.me/dbie I'll be at Bronycon this weekend with Willdabeard creator of Skullboy ( http://snafu-comics.com/swmcomic/sk.....y-ch-1-cover/)if your in the Baltimore area come say hi. Also for some self-promo for the event I created a free online comic to help promote myself and in part to see to challenge myself to make a 20 page comic in one month. It can be read in full here.http://fav.me/dbj8trj 9fj
  10. Show me your OC!

    The comic I promised is finished and can be viewed here. Next>>>>fav.me/dbie9fj I will be also be tabling at bronycon this year so if there come by and say Hi! Table #68
  11. The comic I promised is finished. Also I will be tabling as a vendor at Bronycon Table 68 with Wildabeard creator of Skullboy http://snafu-comics.com/swmcomic/skull-boy-ch-1-cover/ Next>>>>fav.me/dbie9fj
  12. Been trying to get this comic finished, I was planing on drawing Paw or Hraka but they may have to wait a bit. Here is a little teaser of what this game has inspired. A note on Rarity she probably would never work in the way depicted, but it was a good way to hide face and not detract from our characters. At least that was my intention. Another note, we are possibly doing a Legend of the 5 Rings (and no, I won't ponify any characters in that one) so my posts will be a bit less frequent on this thread, but I will share my art for 5 Rings, I have a rough character idea for that game and hopeful I can make something worthwhile out of that as well.
  13. Show me your OC!

    My OC Gimbal Lock, inspired from my roleplaying game, parts of my own childhood, and some aspect of my ex. She's a trouble maker with a heart of gold, who hates work and authority. I made more art of her on my deviant art. http://lytlethelemur.deviantart.com/
  14. Unfortunately been very busy this last week but I am working to make a proper Gimbal Lock comic I'll be posting in full soon. A slice life adventure following her misadventures called "On the Job with Gimbal Lock." Unrelated to the campaign but it will include many of the main characters in this role play game.