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  1. Season 7 was the season of lore.

  2. RTC

    When the show ends.

    I reckon Hasbro will make a spinoff series taking place in the same universe but centered around different characters. (Hmm, doesn't it seem like Starlight is forming her own alternative Mane 6 over time?) Oh wait, Starlight is the main character already. Twilight's character arc ended when she grew two extra limbs.
  3. RTC

    Hey everypony!

    Welcome to our cult. When you complete the initiation task, you will receive payment via bank transfer after giving us her head as proof.
  4. Wait... does this mean we have a parallel Mane 6 comprised of ancient heroes running around now?

    1. Chen Gong
    2. RTC


      Or perhaps it means the Elements joined forces with the Pillars and we now have a Mane 12.

  5. RTC

    Hey There!

    Welcome to our cult. When you complete the initiation task, you will receive payment via bank transfer after giving us her head as proof.
  6. Does anyone else get stared at by little kids in public?

  7. If your mission is successful, I can pay you this, but you must first deliver her head to my desk without giving anyone any reason to suspect that it was anything except a tragic accident... I want to boil the skull into broth and bathe in it.
  8. That's a bit much, but perhaps I could part with that sum of bits if you manage to give her guards the impression that she isn't even dead. You will probably need to implant an animatronic endoskeleton and a synthetic head into her body to do this.
  9. The payment will range from 75,000 to 125,000 bits depending on your performance in the mission. Be sure to use the "Weaponized Ejaculation" method to make it look like an accident. Also, because photos can be faked, you must deliver her head to my desk.
  10. Welcome to our cult. When you finish the initiation task, you will receive payment via bank transfer after giving us her head as proof.
  11. RTC


    Welcome to the forums, Omri! Now that you have joined our cult, you can never leave.
  12. I know this is late, but here is an update with photos from the morning after the storm went through. Hurricane Irma rolled into my area on September 10th and reached its peak that night. I could hear the wind and rain beating against the side of my house from inside, though this was nothing special. Having lived in Florida my entire life, I must be honest; Hurricane Charley was worse than this one. In my uncle's words as the storm was starting to pick up: "This is a pussy storm". The electricity held up longer than I thought it would. The storm progressively got worse through the night and the electricity started to flicker at about 11:00 PM EST. At around 1:00 AM on September 11th, the lights faded for a few seconds before shutting off completely, but this time they didn't come back on. When I woke up the next morning, the power was still off as I expected. A battery-powered LED lantern became my best friend during the time of the post-hurricane blackout. When I walked outside to view the damage, I was relieved to see that there was no serious damage to any buildings on my property. View of my back yard View of the road from my property's front entrance The rear entrance was flooded up into the road, with the ditches being knee-deep with water. Some tree branches fell on and around my shed, but it was relatively undamaged aside from a few scratches in the walls. Stay outta my shed When I went to the back of my property where my shooting range is, I saw this huge fallen pine tree blocking off the range about 40 feet from the dirt mound Uh oh, no shooting today I think my biggest concern right now is the 70-foot-tall pine tree standing at an angle in my front yard. My camera isn't tilted. My tree is. Anyway, I was now in a house with 2 freezers full of raw meat but no electricity to power the freezers. I ended up running my generator most of the day though I only ever used it to keep the freezers on. I was able to keep my food good but not much more than that. Most of that first day was spent clearing debris. That night, it became apparent that the lack of air conditioning was going to be an issue. It wasn't that bad yet but it was clear that my house would start to resemble an oven before too long. The second day was the same. Gathering and moving tree limbs and other debris took the entire day. The power in my garage/arsenal building (which was on a separate circuit from my house) came back on at some point that day and the well pump began to work again as a result. I now had running water but no hot water, but I didn't complain, considering the fact that I had gone a few days without showering. I woke up at 2:00 AM that night in a puddle because the power in my house was still gone and it was hotter inside than outside, outside being in the mid 80s at night and in the 90s during the day (Fahrenheit). I didn't sleep again until the night after, at which point I decided to sleep in the climate-controlled arsenal. The power in my house came back on for a split second multiple times over a few days, all ending in darkness again after transformer explosions. The electricity was permanently restored on September 14th.
  13. RTC

    South and seasons.

    I live in Florida, and it was over 80 degrees last Christmas. It didn't get even relatively cold until almost February and the hot weather returned mid-way through March.
  14. RTC

    Hello and One Question

  15. RTC

    is this mail adress legit?

    Use their IP address to locate them and then pay them a visit, and by that I mean climb onto the roof of their house and take a massive dump down their chimney in the middle of the night.