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  1. ElecManEXE

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome, fellow gamer.
  2. ElecManEXE

    Product placement.

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking. The entire show IS product placement, its meant to sell toys and merchandise. But you're making it sound like you're talking about adding product placement to the show. Like... I guess, other products? LIke, what, a coke bottle in the background or something? If so... yeah, not a fan of that idea. Let it continue to try and sell MLP toys by all means, but don't start throwing other products in there, they wouldn't fit the world they've built.
  3. ElecManEXE

    What episode do you love that everyone hates

    I don't think MMC is nearly as hated as people think it is. Sure, there was (and still is, to an extent) a lot of controversy over Twilight becoming an alicorn, but the episode itself seems fairly popular on its own. Heck, looking at the Reddit episode ranking list from last year, its actually in the top 25 most liked episodes (sitting right at #25, in fact). Just because people might not have liked what it did for the series doesn't mean they didn't like the episode itself. Despite the episode having a TON of technical / continuity issues and being an obvious rush job, its still a hugely emotional episode with great music and a great overall theme. While I can acknowledge and do indeed dislike a lot of the technical shortcomings and continuity issues (most of the episode really makes no sense), I still consider it a good episode. I wouldn't necessarily say I "love" it, but its still a good experience and definitely the most emotional episode of the series, which I actually think the rushed pacing and lack of explanation helps it with. Speaking of the Reddit list, I'm going to go ahead and use said list as my "judge" for what episodes are really disliked. Seems as good a place to look as any. So looking at the bottom 10 episodes on that list... Princess Spike - Yeah, I'm in agreement here. Its bad. Owls Well that Ends Well - Eh. Its not great, but I don't think its awful either. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - I guess the breezies are kind of irritating and the setup is a bit silly, but the message is good. Its.... sub-par but not terrible, I'd say. Applejack's Day Off - OK, yeah. This one I quite enjoy. Its an amusing setup having Applejack workhorse her spa day to Rarity's chagrin, and while it is a bit silly seeing Applejack being so inefficient in rather exaggerated ways, it leads to some funny scenes and a good message. Also Rainbow Dash trying to act cool is adorable. Spike at your Service - Yeah, pretty poor episode. The comedy doesn't really hit home (except the fake Timberwolf) and its a pretty dumb set up, having the character already considered a "slave" / servant only reinforce that aspect. Mysterious Mare Do Well - I certainly wouldn't say I LIKE this episode, but I don't hate it as much as a lot of others seem to. It does make Dash a little too egotistical and the solution is unnecessarily mean, but its got some good aspects as well. Its fun seeing Dash play the hero before she goes full stupid, there's some good comedy, and even her going full ego is a bit more understandable since its an early episode where she hasn't had as much time to mature. 28 Pranks Later is WAY worse, and that should be down here instead of MMDW IMO (its not much higher, but still). Games Ponies Play - Kind of confused why this one is down here. Its not an amazing episode, but nothing about it seems offensive or anything. Seems like it'd be just middle-of-the-road. Appleoosa's Most Wanted - Boo. This is a great episode. I don't really care for Troubleshoes as a character, but the episode as a whole is a great one for the CMC to shine. Its got some funny moments and served as one of the best precursors to what the CMC were becoming as a group. The Hooffields and McColts - Yeah, I pretty much agree on this one. The environmental message is forced, the setup is silly, and its pretty mean-spirited all around. It had some amusing moments (Twilight geeking out, particularly "You said books twice" "There are a lot of books..." and also Twilight just getting fed up and freezing everyone) but not a good episode overall. Worst map episode by far. Cart Before the Ponies - Agreed again. I don't like seeing the CMC being so passive when they're usually so confident and determined (their confidence is like, my favorite thing about them) and I don't like seeing their sisters push them around and not listen to them at all. Would easily be my least favorite S6 episode if 28 Pranks Later didn't exist. So as far as episodes I like that most others seem to dislike... I guess that'd be Appleoosa's Most Wanted and Applejack's Day Off.
  4. ElecManEXE

    Pink Pony Birthday!

    This hasn't already been posted. I must rectify this problem immediately.
  5. ElecManEXE


    I'd say its probably Rarity herself that's got the bits. She has some famous clients, her "brand" seems to draw crowds wherever she opens a new shop which implies some overall fame as well, and despite the fact that its "her dream" she seems practical enough at business (a fact that Twilight draws attention two more than once in the series) that she wouldn't have opened other stores if they weren't bringing in adequate profits. And Rarity herself seems to be a pretty independent type who values her own success and hard work and wouldn't just be living high on her parents money. That and the fact that her parents, from what little we've seen, seem to be painted as more "simple folk" types. Not to be overly stereotypical or anything, but this show usually portrays the wealthy in certain ways (businessman like Filthy Rich or snobby aristocrats) and a stallion that wears a Hawaiian shirt and a straw hat doesn't quite fit that mold.
  6. They're not going to have any Mane6 parents left to reveal after this season. Le gasp. I guess they could always do Starlight's or Scootaloo's, though.
  7. ElecManEXE

    Back from the dead!

    Agh, zombie! Be gone foul demon spawn! We don't want another 28 pranks later episode here! But welcome back all the same.
  8. ElecManEXE

    the strong king kind of look like triek from mlp

    There are similarities as well as some differences. The overall head is pretty similar in shape, and the horns are reminiscent. But he has clawed hands instead of humanoid ones and is wearing armor. I could see him being a centaur like Tirek but I could also see him being something different. Could definitely go either way IMO.
  9. Hmm. So I ran through a full playlist of all the FiM songs in the series just to see what I was missing in my original post. Not all that much, really. The only ones I'd definitely add to the above list are... ~ Make This Castle a Home ~ I've Got to Find a Way There were a few others I'd say are borderline, like Generosity, Hearts as Strong as Horses, and Pony I Want to Be. Very good, but not sure they'd quite "make the list". Overall a fun way to spend a few hours, though. Made me stay up way too late last night and now I'm tired, though. Also never realized how few songs S6 had. Hearth's Warming Tail saves the season from just being pitiful in terms of music. Guess they spent all their time coming up with those great songs.
  10. ElecManEXE

    Hello everypony

    Ahahaha, great image. Normally I'd try to come up with something witty or silly to say, but I can't beat that image. So... yeah. Welcome.
  11. ElecManEXE

    Hullo thar!

    Hah. There's definitely a pretty good chance I'll give in to getting some merch. I've already had moments where I'm in Walmart / Target / TRU and am like "Hmm, lets go see what kind of pony stuff they have just for the heck of it". Some ponies would fit in nicely with my Pokemon figures, Nintendo stuff, Star Wars stuff, Mega Man stuff...However won't be anything brushable, I can guarantee that. Those things look absolutely horrid IMO. The mane and tail styles are far too key to the characters looking "right". The brushable ones can't pull off the right style and thus look very off to me. And most of 'em look pretty cheap overall on top of that, at least what I've seen in said stores. If I had gotten into FiM before Tradesmart (the GoHastings owned shop in my area) closed down I could have probably found some good stuff there. I never really looked at it too closely, but I seem to remember them having a lot of higher quality vinyl figures, which would be a lot more up my alley. I have yet to find any store that even comes close to the treasure trove of nerdy stuff that place had, not just MLP stuff but just all sorts of nerdy pop culture merch. There's always the internet of course, but I'm more of a "buy things in person" sort. Not that I have anything against online purchasing or anything, but internet purchasing requires actually going and looking for specific stuff, you don't really just "come upon" stuff on the internet. And I'm lazy.
  12. Hmm. There are a lot of "pretty good" songs in MLP, but there aren't really that many that stick out in my head above the others. There are a few, though. ~ Winter Wrap-Up ~ Rules of Rarity ~ Babs Seed (though admittedly I think I remember this one more for the 80's cartoon / Scooby-Doo visuals more than the song itself) ~ Let the Rainbow Remind You ~ A True, True Friend And... that's pretty much it for individual songs, at least off the top of my head. Might be forgetting a few. But "A Hearth's Warming Tail" is definitely my favorite musical thing the show has ever done. I love every song in that episode. Both the visuals and the music are fantastic (the visual at the end of "Say Goodbye to the Holiday" where Snowfall gets all quiet and says "after today" lit by the fire... breathtaking!). Enough so that I've actually watched the episode at least a half dozen times, and repeated the songs individually more than that, so that I could learn every song. Its my most watched episode just for that reason. Not my favorite episode, but definitely my favorite musical numbers. Seeds of the Past and Pinkie's Present hit the feels, Say Goodbye to the Holiday and Luna's Future are chilling, and Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again is just fun and catchy. I'd say my personal order probably goes Say Goodbye > Luna's (though these two are REALLY close) > Pinkie's Present > Hearth's Warming Eve > Seeds of the Past, but all of them are great.
  13. ElecManEXE

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Another Seapony? If so, I guess that means the other one isn't the ruler but rather the Queen here. That's at least something interesting. Guess the little glowing tendrils are the seapony version of an alicorn horn. As above, I'm liking how they're designing this race so far.
  14. ElecManEXE

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Apparently there were humanoid cats in previous incarnations / "generations" of the franchise. But then again there were also normal humans in earlier generations as well, so I'm not really sure how much that matters at this point. The world of FiM seems a lot more... I dunno, consistent? Focused? Limited? Whatever you want to call it, it does seem like an anthro cat is more out of place here. I'm not throwing fits about it or anything, but I'm definitely in the camp of "skeptical and not really digging it". I like the overall consistency of the show, and I find most of the denizens of the show being quadrupedal (or at least animalistic, like the Diamond Dogs) to be very charming. Its neat seeing how quadrupeds do things differently. And we have EG for people who want more "human" characteristics in their ponies. That said, I'm actually more hesitant about Zoe's character, Captain Calaeno, than Capper. Its a crap-quality image, so its hard to say for absolute certain, but it looks like she's very similar to griffons. Except she's also an anthro character (or appears to be, though again because of the image quality its possible she's just rearing up in the image). At least with the cat, its a matter of adding a new race to the mix with distinct looks. With this other character, I'm not really seeing any reason to not just make her a griffon as already seen in FiM. Unless they're going for some kind of angle where they're trying to have distinct visual / character design styles for each "country" (or region, or whatever they're calling it). And are making the other area all anthros to give a larger contrast to Equestria. Which seems possible, except that Princess Skystar is also probably not from Equestria (she's clearly not a regular pony, most seem to be assuming she's one of the rumored "sea ponies" who are from elsewhere) and she's not anthro... As for the other designs... Tempest Shadow is super edgy. Scar, broken horn, AND black armor? Heh. I do like her overall color scheme, though. Its a good looking design even with all the edge. Princess Skystar looks pretty nice. If she IS a seapony, I like the way they're going with their overall themes, with the "hair" having a sort of fin-like appearance, the pearl, and what I'm guessing is supposed to resemble an anemone. Not sure why a SEA pony would have a name related to the SKY though. King Storm is kind of a bland design, but it still looks decent enough. Looks kinda centaur-like, but those talon hands he has don't exactly match up. EDIT: Hmm. A few on Reddit have pointed out that the name Calaeno references the harpies of greek myth. Seems reasonable that she's a harpy, then. Makes sense, harpies are often depicted as being anthro in nature, and it'd be necessary to set them apart from griffons. Not sure why they made the head look so similar to griffons if they're a different race, though. Even in real life, birds have a ton of variety in head shape, surely they could have made something a little more distinct.
  15. ElecManEXE

    Hi :D

    Welcome! Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. NO, bad zombie ponies. I thought we agreed not to make this weird!