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  1. Then you become a creeper. They all aren't for me, that would be insane if they were. The majority of them are computers I've built for friends and family. Most of them being media/data entry level computers that are fairly cheap to build. 7 of those 58 were high-end gaming computers with high end parts. I'll give further details if you want, but I don't want to spam this thread to much, as its only an introduction.
  2. Wasn't expecting that of all things for my first response. And I was a lurker, not a stalker. Stalkers have targets. Lurkers have locations.
  3. Yeah, I know the title of this is kinda long, and cheesy, but I wanted to do something kinda funny. As you can likely gather, I go by the handle of moonponi. Fairly basic name as far as nomenclature goes, but it fits me well. I've been a loooong time lurker in the community. I don't have any special talents for fan-creations, so I've stayed in the background to watch and learn. I decided to join in after the Discord launched. I always have it up, and I go by the same name there, so if you wanna chat, PM me on Discord. Some more stuff about me for those interested. I'm an avid gamer with far to many hours of my life sunk into my steam library. The same can be said for my fanfiction/fimfiction accounts. I'm also a massive tech/computer nerd. I build PC's whenever I get the opportunity to. I currently have a total build count of 58, so I think I'm doing well on that count. I'm uncertain of what else I should put here, so yeah, have a nice day/night to those who read this! I'll try to be active, even though I have little free time from all of my hobbies. I'll be most active on the discord, so you'll likely find me there.