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  1. Rosered

    Why furries are bad people

    I like Sonic and Tails but not a huge fan of Pepe.
  2. Rosered

    Why furries are bad people

    I think this explains it
  3. The summer feeling. The music in it when playing it and overall the outlook of the first levels makes me think of it. Although some sound tunes in MLP Tales makes me also think of the character creation theme music in Soul Calibur 3 too.
  4. Rosered

    Alternative facts

    Does it mean news that is not by the media? I have been hearing that lately
  5. I was kinda dumb to throw away the RF connector, but i have N64 composite cable, and Gamecube Scart. The scart only worked on one TV. It doesnt feel as jittery when i changed the colour and contrast settings. But basically does anyone else have this problem of playing SNES games on SNES console on HD TV?
  6. Sure, the design like animals as Fox, Falco and stuff is by nintendo. But mostly Argonaut Software who made more generic games like Croc Legend of the Gobbos, they were the one to more or less make the FX chip and they had the idea of planes and stuff. So by top it should be Argonaut Software who should get most of the credit if you ask me. The british i mean. And rather let SEGA make a new revolutionary console again!!! In the late 1980s, Argonaut signed a deal with Nintendo. San attracted Nintendo's attention because Argonaut was the first developer to successfully design 3D modelling[clarification needed] on the NES and the Game Boy. X was published by Nintendo as the first 3D Game Boy game. San helped develop the first 3D graphics accelerator known as the Super FX chip that made Star Fox (released as Starwing in Europe) possible on the Super NES. . Jez San told Nintendo that his team could only improve performance or functionality of the demonstration if Nintendo allowed Argonaut to design custom hardware to extend the SNES to have true 3D capability. Nintendo agreed, so San hired chip designers and made the Super FX chip. They originally codenamed it the Mathematical Argonaut Rotation I/O, or “MARIO”, as is printed on the chip's surface.[1][5] So powerful was the Super FX chip used to create the graphics and gameplay, that they joked that the Super NES was just a box to hold the chip.[6]
  7. Starlight Glimmer is cool.
  8. You know. Making amends and stuff and became sort of a cool fun character after Season 5. Although i only have gotten so far to Season 5 on Netflix, hopefully the later seasons will arrive there. But its what affects people i guess that makes this a good character.
  9. I know Cloudsdale has their own anthem, which Spike tried to deliver. But just wondering if this is some kind of anthem for the whole pony world.
  10. Rosered

    Which PS4 Do You Have/Are Getting?

    I plan on getting the PS4 Pro. Cheaper and is smaller so its a win win for me.
  11. Rosered

    Hi :D

  12. Rosered

    Hi :D

    Oh, is Discord that chatting program? Is it possible to join
  13. Rosered

    Will the Switch fail?

    Crash is coming to PS4. So that set the brakes for me on considering a Switch. I have no idea if it will sell or not. But they have atleast marketed it correctly this time compared to WiiU.