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  1. fireflame newspony

    the strong king kind of look like triek from mlp

    Your right we haven't fully seen storm king so the bottom could make him different then triek and could make him a different species. I just notice the top is alittle similar like triek.
  2. fireflame newspony

    the strong king kind of look like triek from mlp

    true some parts of him are different then tirek he could be like a different species that just seem to look alike in some ways.
  3. fireflame newspony

    the strong king kind of look like triek from mlp

    could be his dad and sorry auto correct storm king.
  4. Ok so we all know triek the one that was a big threat to all over equestia even ponyville well we all might know that live Schreiber is playing as a character name strong king I look at the picture of triek and strongking and they both look like but different colors. My theory is they are the same species and there are more of them out there let just hope strong king is a good guy and nothing like triek but we will see in October. What your thoughts on strong king?
  5. fireflame newspony

    Hello everypony

    Thanks for telling me. I understand now
  6. PonyNews report I notice on google plus a lot of bronies I know ship Rainbow Dash and Soarin more then anyother ships I ever see on google plus in my circle.

  7. fireflame newspony

    Hello everypony

    I'm new to the whole pony news reporter and I don't know much of it but everyone deserve great shows and merchandise of my little pony no matter what.
  8. fireflame newspony

    Hello everypony

    Hello and welcome Fireflame, hope you will enjoy your stay on the forums, if you have any questions regarding the place you can ask away Until then see you around the place
  9. fireflame newspony

    Hello everypony

    Hey There my name is Fireflame I am a beginner news reporter pony where I Find anything related to ponies and Tell the fellow bronies out there. Hope we can be friends and I would like to meet you all.