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  1. Elusive Slip

    Hi, everypony!

    Add the movies to that, and you should have plenty to last you till Easter. If you want to calculate the amount of time it takes to watch by the hour, this site is helpful: https://www.bingeclock.com/s/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/al/ There should really be one that lists the number of episodes, and movies.
  2. Elusive Slip

    Least Favorite MLP: FiM Episode

    Not a big fan of Starlight, but ELTSD was solidly funny. We got a mind control episode out of it, too.
  3. Elusive Slip

    Least Favorite MLP: FiM Episode

    Huh, I think I like every episode that has been mentioned here, besides the ones I mentioned. Spike at your Service was a pretty weak episode, though.
  4. Elusive Slip

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "The way to beat our newest foe (a gym teacher) is through cute!"
  5. Elusive Slip

    Least Favorite MLP: FiM Episode

    Yeah, that was implied in a couple of ways. That's why the Apple Farm and the town deteriorates so fast, as their cutie marks had always been changed. In the original episode script, they were going to go more into timeline esque stuff.
  6. Elusive Slip

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "Ew, look at that avatar above me! Default is for losers."
  7. The interest in this may've waned, but I had an idea for a Game of Thrones MLP fanfic a while back, with several scenes and a fairly extensive premise/narrative. I wondered if anyone here would like to discuss the idea, as I found it very interesting to think about. The general premise may seem predictable enough, a fusion of Equestria and Westeros. Places is Westeros are replaced from places in Equestria, and various characters are fitted into various character/narrative roles. Typical enough to start with, even droll I fear. This concerned me enough that I never got the time to write it, except for several Pinkie Pie Tyrion scenes, which I greatly enjoyed (I even got pictures for them). The really interesting part, was the twists on the original narrative map that came from fusing the elements. For example, Twilight Sparkle (playing the part of Ned Stark) has a baby dragon, Spike. Everyone is amazed and comments on Spike, as dragons were thought to be myth or all gone. At the same time, Spike's unimpressive nature feeds the idea he's just some talking lizard, not a true dragon. From one detail from the show, the existence of Spike, a lot could change. There is a whole document of notes on the subject, so just a few random tidbits instead: Discord was the Mad King who Celestia defeated. Things get interesting, when he returns. Maud takes the part of Jamie Lannister, and Rainbow Dash the role of Brienne of Tarth. The scenes where RD is escorting Maud which came to mind were... very amusing, quite a change of pace from the original. On that note, I was scattering the main six across the major houses of Westeros, intentionally. That had some long term implications for a uniting of Westeros. Shining Armour played the role of the previous Hand of the King. After his death, Cadance becomes a Crazy Cat Lady (as Pinkie Pie suspected). The Apple Raiders, whose motto is, We Sow Where We Like! Who plant pesky apple trees everywhere they attack, forcing the ponies of other islands to tend to the trees and pay harvests. Fluttershy, despite being the Mother of Dragons, is still terrified of them. That's why Discord made her such. Those are some random bits. I can go into more if anyone is interested.
  8. Elusive Slip

    More G3 characters coming back in S7?

    Sweetheart. And, maybe Bright Eyes and Clover. Pinkie and Fluttershy have some Sweetheart in them, of course. I'd be fine with them increasing that aspect of their characters.
  9. Elusive Slip

    Hello Bronies and Pegasisters!

    Meh, getting along with people is overrated. It's better to throw something, then point and say, "he did it," and watch the fun. Welcome to the forum, Cyberse. I think I started during Season 2, too.
  10. Elusive Slip

    Hi, everypony!

    All this talk of Season 7 is making me want my fix. I'll have to make do with new Samurai Jack which starts sooner. Welcome to the forums Shadow Dash! If you space out your episode watching so that you finish by Easter, Season 7 should be out.
  11. Elusive Slip

    Least Favorite MLP: FiM Episode

    For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls. Feeling Pinkie Keen. I love Pinkie Sense, but the slapstick felt flat and forced. And Sweetie Belle seemed jerkish to the point of being out of character in the other one. Not super keen on the idea of crazy Rarity. Suited for Success showed how she reacted to failure in front of high class ponies. MMC is actually my favourite episode.
  12. Elusive Slip

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "There, now no pony has to be sent to the orphanage!"
  13. Hey. I've heard something about people planning to livestream sessions of MLP: Equestria Tails the RPG when it comes out. But I haven't been able to find anything about it, nor even discussions on the forum. I thought I'd make a thread on the subject, so people can start considering meet-ups, post about planned live-streams, and play by post games. I really hope this makes a splash in the tabletop scene. To start with a topic, who is planning to get the RPG?