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    My name is Deliking0001, it's a pleasure to meet to all of you, I am fan to my little pony: friendship is magic since August 2016 Origin: When I first hear about it I thought it was a overrated TV show that managed to get lucky until years later (AKA 2016), I decided to give it chance by watching one of the episodes ( Stranger Than Fan Fiction) i was impressed by how the episode was well made with its fan-fic theme. later on, I decided to watch the 1st equestria girls movies out of curiosity since it gave some interest when it was first announced and I was amazed on how it was both well made and entertaining it was and after I saw both Rainbow Rocks and The Friendship Games. I begin researching about the reasons for the show's popularity and I came up with six reasons A. It created a new evolution in fandom B. The creativity in the writing (story, humor, etc) C. Characterization D. Being one of the many cartoons that created a new medium in both animation and entertainment E. Doing a surprisingly good job in appealing a wider audience. F. My personal favorite: Fan made works. i enjoyed them so much, that it inspired to write a fan-fic of my own despite of my writing and slow progression While it can have flaws at times, the show can be good for variable reasons. that is all i need to say for now. I hope I can get along with everyone.