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  1. Hey Shadow Dash want to be friends?

  2. Hello Shadow Dash. Remember that neon light art of Rainbow Dash I was looking for? I checked Deviantart today for an update and the artist replied six days ago that they found a .pdf (actually a .psd) file of the image. It is not large, but it is something. Let me know if you'd like a link to it. I tried to PM you but that wouldn't work.

  3. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Shit.... Ummm..... to those I really care about, I'm sending a PM. To the rest.... it's been nice knowing you *hugs*
  4. SD13

    Best Pony Tug of War

    31 Have you ever seen a picture of a ewe?
  5. SD13

    Counting game but a little different

    25 Yeah, Pinkie's not all that helpful XD I know the feeling, tho. I've spent three years in Japanese, and I can have a decent written conversation, but I can barely understand a simple spoken sentence.
  6. SD13

    counting and 10 is boom!

    . . . Maybe....
  7. SD13

    counting and 20 is boom!

    9 My bad, honestly. I've been busy, and I had no phone. Couldn't spam very well XD
  8. SD13

    King of the Hill

    *sigh* I hoped it wouldn't have to come to this, but we have no choice. Everyone, get inside and lock the doors. If anything outside moves, shoot it.
  9. SD13

    A counting game...With a twist!

    62! *Thread revive intensifies*
  10. SD13

    Counting and 10, 20 and 30 is boom!

    29 But.... I can't read XD
  11. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I think I'm just confused by your post, honestly. I didn't quite understand it...
  12. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    ... Part of me feels like this is sneaky and underhanded...
  13. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Oh, you finally made an OC for screaming Russian insults XD
  14. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I don't play it either, so... *shrugs* XD
  15. SD13

    Last to Post 3: Revenge