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  1. Yes. Yes it is. 6 months ago I would have thought this hiatus was a good thing. Now it feels like an eternity to wait...
  2. Worth more than anything has been in a long time.
  3. They'd never allow me to have it in my room, regardless of whether or not is was for robotics. And if they caught me red handed with it (you used that right, BTW), and I said it was for robotics, they'd call the mentors immediately to check. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth fighting for ever is.
  4. Yeah, they were really cool. But this is my first hiatus. I would've waited if I'd known ahead of time. As for the tablet, I only need it at home when my parents aren't around. Hiding it should be easy. And worse case scenario, I'll have it password protection. If they find it, they can't unlock it and find this forum. I'd rather get punished under the assumption it's porn then let them delete my account on here. Either way, them finding the tablet will turn my life into a living nightmare.
  5. It is! Plus, it means I can get on here on the weekend, which it something I can almost never do. Really looking forward to buying that tablet...
  6. My robotics team meets from 9 in the morning to noon every Saturday, and goes until 3 or 4 in the afternoon during build season. Which means junk food breakfast (and sometimes lunch) and a bunch of goofing off.
  7. They do look good. I want them. I'm hungry. But right now I'm stuck eating caramel corn for breakfast. I do love robotics Saturdays.
  8. Here we go: Caramel Apple twigs. I just need a couple thousand of these.
  9. Yeah, I know they're good for me. But still, can't I have chocolate covered twigs every now and them. Scratch that, chocolate's bad for me. Caramel covered twigs?
  10. Yeah, but I also eat twigs. Not the best tasting snack in the world.
  11. The best part: this is a shared computer, and they're letting me have that desktop!
  12. OK, now that I'm caught up on the Canadian releases of Season 7, I can answer that question correctly. Knowing you, it'll be the wrong answer. Daybreaker. Is. AWESOME!!!!! Seriously, that fight scene could've been a movie of it's own. I'd pay to watch that. I'm just imagining what Equestria would look like under her rule. I thought Nightmare Moon was bad...
  13. That... is really cool. I can shoot fire... Yeah, that's about it. I'm kinda weak. Baakarion, I just checked EQD.Those Canadian episodes you had me watch... they were the last ones before the hiatus. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!
  14. Yeah, I got them from there. Thanks for that. Would've been a boring 3 day weekend. Yep. Because MLP is the only thing you need to do.
  15. I'm a Fennekin. We're both hazardous to human life. This could be fun...