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  1. Okay, so I'm sitting in the student center of the college, waiting for my next class, and I suddenly start hearing some people upstairs talking about Equestria Girls.


    Methinks there are bronies in this crowd...

    1. Bakaarion


      Cooooooooool !

      Even if... EQG... Bah.... Better than nothing.

    2. WiiGuy


      EQG still has the themes of friendship, @Bakaarion. That's good in my book!

  2. 2990 The power of the OP compels you!
  3. 39! No I'm not! Here, I bet you anything Rule 39 has nothing to do with me too. "If it exists, there's furry porn of it" ...Gosh dang it... I'm a furry.
  4. forum game

    7 All the puns!
  5. It's lunchtime for me! So I ate some free ice cream. I officially love college.
  6. 36!!!
  7. Aww... he is kinda cute, even if he is a water-type... makes all the other ones look bad. *flamethrower*
  8. 31!
  9. I though 36 was: No matter what it is, it is somebody's fetish. Meh, whatever... 37: Even one positive comment about Japan makes you a weeaboo. Guess I'm a weeaboo.
  10. What's wrong? Fire is fun! Don't you want to see what Raichu looks like when it burns?
  11. 2988 Can't we just *huff* ride the bus *huff* instead of *huff* pedaling?
  12. Ahh, I remember having that problem trying to transfer ownership of the MLP episodes off my school account once my parents found them. Google really needs to not restrict things like that. I don't understand why they do it.
  13. forum game

    3 Yay! Back to the odds!
  14. Hmm... pretty interesting so far. I'll have to take a closer look in the morning. Night, Pon3s.
  15. PM! Shoot. It won't go through. Give me a sec to delete something.