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  1. Zookz


    Yeah, I do, though I don't update it as often as I'd like. Usually I'm either working or doing artwork for Fallout Equestria with The Overmare Studios, most all of which I can't post for NDA reasons. http://zookz25.deviantart.com/ This is the current favorite painting I've done: As I said though, I don't update it often so that's kind of my downfall.
  2. Zookz


    Plug play, all day... ...too far? But yeah, some of those names are cool, but I think it'd be a good idea to avoid ones that have a bit too much innuendo potential.
  3. Zookz

    Wildstar F2P

    Ah, looks like my characters are on the PvP server, so it doesn't look like I'll be able to join you guys. (have friends on this server, so, yeah)
  4. Zookz


    Master mare race with stallion peasants. Oddly enough, it kind of fits the shows matriarchy. Would work considering the dynamic of PC and console gamer exists. Could also use the hardcore and casual dynamic. Or to expound upon that, the nerd and geek dynamic. The nerd is hardcore into games, programming, the mathematician that likes organizing information, the guild or raid leader, the game developer and PC gamer who enjoys building and understanding computing; whereas the geek is is more casual about games, the charismatic personality, enjoying the social aspect of play, the one who would rather buy a premade computer or console and enjoy the experience, and might be considered the streamer or let's player that acts more as the face of gaming culture instead of the brains. Personally, I still like the idea of just one mascot, because these aspects of personality aren't exclusive to one another, and doing so kind of flattens the character into an archetypal mold which is a little insulting and boring. Like my brother is pretty nerdy when it comes to understanding and working with computers, from hardware to software, but presents himself as more of a charismatic, sociable type. He works as a salesmen, so it kind of makes sense, but that's what I mean. We don't really need two characters to represent gaming. There doesn't need to be the PC master mare race or console stallion peasants, there can just be a gamer who is invested in the culture as a whole, perfectly capable of representing it's many aspects. Especially when they're cutie mark is a controller with a heart behind it. Again though, those are my thoughts. If we do two characters, making them distinct (such as an archetypal hardcore nerd and hipster geek) seems like the best way to give each of them aspects of gaming to represent; I just think it feels a bit insulting and, I don't know, boring character-wise.
  5. Zookz


    To be honest, that's just how I draw the ponies. Super curvy, round, and plump. Usually with huge cheeks/jaw and haunches. They're just big marshmallows to me.
  6. Zookz


    Unicorn was mentioned before so I thought I'd do a little sketch. Horn fits nicely in the cleave of her bangs so it works fine. Still partial towards earth myself, but that's because I could have fun designing computer hardware and peripherals around the use of hooves, whereas the horn can just bypass that in drawings. Also been pretty fond of caller her Fig, but I admit that it doesn't sound like a pony name, and would fit better as a nickname if anything. And if I were to support a two pony deal (which I'd still be meh on), a twin bother actually sounds cool. Don't think I'd care for it to be another mare, feels a little redundant.
  7. Zookz


    Fig'ed some emotes because I was bored. Don't actually know how these things are meant to be made, but meh. And thanks. People can still contribute by coming up with a personality if they want. I'm just doing this for fun.
  8. Zookz

    Wildstar F2P

    I may get around to downloading this. I played it when it first came out, leveled to max and had a blast, but then my internet went out for a while so I ended my subscription and never really got back into it. A little busy as of recent though, so I'm not sure Will post if I do.
  9. Zookz


    I was pretty sad when EQD went with two pegasi instead of one mascot or three (one of each race). As interesting as Rocket Tier sounds, he feels tacked on and less of a mascot compared to Spotlight looking at his design. Though I don't think I can ever associate EQD with any other mascot other than Trixie, so that's more of my problem. As for the female part, this is just meant to be my contribution. I made this thread with the idea that people could contribute their own ideas to a design, not so I would just make one for the site. I'm not much of a writer, so coming up with a background for her isn't really my foray. Sure, I try to instill a personality through their design, but that doesn't mean I have any details. Just a general jist that people can associate personality to, getting an idea of who she is by how she presents herself. Much like any background pony in the show, really. So if you didn't get the "why female over male" part, it's because this is just my design, and having a female mascot is my bias or preference (for the adorable :3). I'd implore others to show their own ideas. Have a muddy paint doodle for a muddy mood pony.
  10. Zookz


    Ah, yeah, I should of looked a bit more for a thread. Seems they like the idea for a unicorn. Only reason I didn't make Fig a unicorn is that the white coat with headphones starts looking like Vinyl Scratch, and a horn would push that more. Not to say that she needs headphones, but big, lit-up-fancy-mic-headphones along with stylish RGB keyboard and mouse is classic over-the-top gaming gear, and I feel she should have it. I actually have a relatively new RGB mouse along with a 10-year old Dell keyboard I've had since the second computer I ever got. It's a weird contrast. Also, while I've never been a huge fan of multiple mascots (pretty much means you have to always show both otherwise there's a weird disparity where one feels more associated with whatever they're representing), I don't really care much about what we use in the end, as long as one is an adorable female pony. :3
  11. Zookz


    That's most likely just me. I tend to define more than I really should for the ponies (or most things, really), so female characters that are meant to look less defined and more soft, well, don't look as such. If you're speaking personality-wise, that would be whatever the community would want of her, really. Again, I tend to lean and be more bias towards rough than soft. If I actually watched gaming streams and were designing the personality for her, I'd say creating her to have a personality that is somewhat similar to how female streamers tend to act (or how well known ones do) would work pretty well. Again though, I'd say the community should come up with the personality much like background ponies in the show get their personalities.
  12. Zookz


    Those are pretty cool. You know, we can just call her Fig/Figz as well, being short for Figabyte. Okay, that's kind of dumb, but I like Fig. Did a few more sketches: This is actually the color I wanted for the hair (just didn't have the colored pencils for it in the first sketch) Not actually a huge fan of the white coat, but I wanted it to match the site and I couldn't think of a better color to represent the PC. (white also sort of works to represent Nintendo) Oh well.
  13. Zookz


    Ah, yeah, off by one number. Meant the gender swap. Any name ideas are still welcome. Might do another doodle of her at some point, maybe draw a few emote-style faces for replies.
  14. Zookz


    So why haven't I been seeing any pony mascots for this forum? Especially when it has the perfect icon for a cutie mark. No idea about a name for her, obvious things like Joystick seem to already be taken by rule 64 Button Mash. So, this thread will be for any mascot ideas for this forum. I remember when MMO Champion had their little mascot in the corner of the site, and I missed it when it was taken away. Let's bring back cute little gaming mascots! Would enjoy seeing a gaming pony up at the top of the site. :3 Also, I was out drinking when I started drawing this, so I didn't notice how similar she looked to Celestia while intoxicated.
  15. Zookz

    World of Warcraft

    I may reactivate my account because of some friends leveling horde characters. I have a 100 horde shaman though, and I feel like I'm going to roll a Demon Hunter (which starts at 100) in order to have a horde tank for Legion. So actually, I might not reactivate. ^^'