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  1. Rick_Dart

    pony rp

    I am Rick_Dart.I am 18 i have a brother named arrow tip. and im the son of the chaos bringer discord. but surprisingly i don,t act like him
  2. Rick_Dart

    Ponyville RP

    its nice takeing time off from working at the rainbow factory i mean um... yaa my cover is blown. oh well. nice to see everypony that i havent sent to the factory
  3. I am Rick_Dart Director of the Rainbow Factory. this rp takes place 20 years after the story pegisis device. blood drives did not produce enough recorces to make rainbows so the factory was restored under new management. Dr. Hide Atmosphere still works with the factory but not full time like before. open roles are as follows... scientists, engineers, workers, gards, and escapees. lets start this rp. scientists start first
  4. Rick_Dart

    dimension 00000 aka every dimension shumshed into 1 rp

    at least my oc (Rick Dart) has full capability on his powers in this rp. how will this rp work? im letting you start the up Blue tornado. btw is your sis guna join or is it jest you Blue?
  5. Rick_Dart

    pony rp

    Hi Blue Tornado, and tropical island nice to meat you two. I take it you two fight often?