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  1. i made a story for my oc a while back and i wanted to post it to the comunity then so it was out there, if anybody liked it. but i look at it now and dont know what to do with it. idk if anybody would be willing to read it on this sight. any feedback would be very much appreciated
  2. so i'm not new to the brony community, more of just out of touch and have put off a idea that iv had for years now. iv had a fan fiction that i worked on for a OC of mine. it feels super cliche to me but i don't want to just delete it because i spent a lot of time on it. and maybe the community may like it. giv me some comments if you would read it. il'l also work on it more if people really enjoy it, it brought me a bit of joy to do when i used to do it, and i feel it would still.