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  1. Rough_Draft

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    This episode I felt nearly damaged Applejack as a character for me. Being raised in the farming lifestyle and to NOT be as efficient with the chores as shown unsettled me. The writers made her appear dimwitted and shortsighted. They might as well have made her pick apples individually by hoof. Although, she did help the spa out first before relaxing, so there is points there I guess.
  2. Rough_Draft

    What would you say is the most meh episode?

    I would have to give my vote for P.P.O.V. It wasn't bad, just didn't linger as long as the others. With three view points explained yet no clear explanation as to what actually happened between the three, all we get for the episode was that there is a harbor somewhere and a new creature that felt too shoehorned in. In the end it just left me wanting...
  3. Rough_Draft

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    I know we called an end to this, but I just have to add my two cents. The first point about Starlight is hard to believe. Starlight may be OP, but I doubt she is can read minds. I believe she said this on an assumption. Your second point though, I'm gonna agree with you on this! It has been bugging (hehe) me why she made those expressions. Chrysalis may very well be afraid to change at that very sudden diversion in her life. And that is a perfect irony for her character: A changeling queen who is scared to change inside. It's got "feels" written all over it! Me neither. And i'm sure if the show writers took the comics into canon, this whole conversation would possibly be for nothing...
  4. Rough_Draft

    What is the best first episode?

    If I were to get others started on this show, it would be The Cutie Map part 1. It's got all the main six and a brief look into their personalities, plenty of funny moments, an interesting plot, and leaves the viewer on a cliff hanger, encouraging them to keep watching.
  5. Rough_Draft

    Lyra and Bon Bon Fan Club

    It's about time these two got their own thread.
  6. Rough_Draft

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    Oh, I have no doubt that her backstory is gonna happen. It can't NOT happen. And after all the theories in this discussion flying around, I don't think I could wait! I have always been a sucker for sob-stories, so I am really hoping now that your ideas will eventually come to light. All of this has made me think of what Chrysalis could become even more than usual. And the end result in all instances are awesome! For her and the universe as a whole.
  7. Rough_Draft

    New episodes confirmed for 2018

    My god... The feels are already happening!
  8. Rough_Draft

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    Wow... That's the same logic a serial killer would give to a judge. Judge: "Do you care to explain yourself for your deeds?" Accused: "They picked on me when i was little. So I made them suffer." Judge: "..."
  9. Rough_Draft

    Is this the national anthem of MLP world?

    I immediately thought of this song as an anthem. It just feels to patriotic! Although I'm not sure if anthems in mlp can apply to just countries, but also to cites and towns. As you say, Cloudsdale has their own. This anthem, I feel, would be perfect for Canterlot.
  10. Rough_Draft

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    Ha! Anyway... this has been fun, but yes, this has run it's course. If someone is so passionate about a certain view, they're not going to look at the wider horizon. I had one more piece of evidence that would have but the proverbial nail in Chrysailis' coffin, but this argument has become a tedium now. What we all can agree on is that the deposed changeling queen has an EXTREMELY vague history, has motivations surrounding love (via attrition), and has done some things during the shows current run time that have negatively affected the vast populace. Case adjourned!
  11. Rough_Draft

    Chrysalis Is A Good Person

    I have no doubt that Chrysalis loved her people to begin with, but I'm afraid that her being a villain is in her blood. And it has shown as her time seeking love became more desperate. Love, hate, heroism and villainy are all in the eyes of the beholder, but I mean really? She out right says that she was going to use her own people as storage vessels to return all the love they gathered to herself! Sooner or later one has to look at themselves and think if they're really doing the right thing not just for their own kind, but for the many. Her changelings followed her with the promise never being hungry again and because they had no other option. Did they not all immediately turn on her when they found an alternative?
  12. Rough_Draft

    New episodes confirmed for 2018

    So much more to see and do! I've talked about this a little already on another thread, but the zebra lands have been utterly ignored so far also. Along with including exploring Ember's new reign, Trixie's and Twilight's conflicting personalities, and the griffin's acceptance of good nature. I mean, c'mon! Applejack's parents for goodness sake! We still don't know anything about them. Explaining something grim like that could be a great challenge to the writing staff. "Tanks for the memories" could be a good leaping off point for this. Here's hoping anyway.
  13. Rough_Draft

    Their's a weird side to friendship !

    I'm so glad (or shamed) that I have to. Still, I'm unnerved.
  14. Rough_Draft

    Fallout: Equestria!

    I stumbled onto the resource site, but I had no idea a flash game was being made! This is all kinds of awesome!
  15. Rough_Draft

    What happens to ponies who befriends humans

    Fallout: Equestria is definitely for you then. From those stories, magical strength can be almost limitless. As far as ponies being experimented on or eaten... you haven't got a cynical view. It's just the cold hard truth haha. Humans are nothing if not vain. We as a species cannot go into a relationship if it's not mutually beneficial.