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  1. Do you still like Celestia?

    Keep it calm boys and girls.
  2. Do you still like Celestia?

    Calm down 8492nd, you asked for opinions, he gave you one.
  3. My thread has been deleted

    The thread is still there, you may have glanced over it by mistake, PinkiePie97 has linked it for you, currently it is on the second page of Community Projects. If you wish, I could Pin the thread, keeping it from getting drowned by other threads
  4. Write random sentences without the letter "a"

    You thought you did something didn't you? Well sorry to burst your bubble but numerous sentences could be constructed without employing the first letter of the English lexicon. I totally didn't steal that from a facebook post
  5. The Banned Game

    Banned because I say so and because Frecinette keeps stealing all the bot kills
  6. hey badshot hows it been?


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    2. LPS Monsterpawz

      LPS Monsterpawz

      @leonbrony17 well, I don't really like when I have to go to he second page of forum games because of non-forum games

    3. leonbrony17


      It was that bad?


      Man, i have only seen a few spam posts and posters but it seems to be worse than i thought.

    4. LPS Monsterpawz

      LPS Monsterpawz

      @leonbrony17 Yep. It was THAT bad...

  8. hey badshot whats new?

  9. Bot is gone now, resume normal traffic flow

  10. Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Ignore the screw up, result of an accidental merge, I'll have this fixed in a second EDIT: It has been rectified, continue with your post war Notify me if you spot a stray bot post
  11. Darnit, excuse the last to post thread for a bit, fixing it now

  12. Bots are being taken care of now, I was away from my computer for a few hours