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  1. That was not directed at anyone, it was just generalization of fandoms in general, sure he could've used less harsh terms (except for troll, not exactly harsh) so it was in no way pointed to you.
  2. Yes and we got it, watch the insults... As for people insulting you, I do not see them on this thread anywhere, would you care to provide proof of such. P.S. if it was not on this site, it is not our problem
  3. hey

    Loved that game, could play it on Ace difficulty, except for white bird part 2 because of the instant death laser
  4. hey

    I thought that name was familiar, quick question, is it after the one from Ace Combat 5?
  5. hey

    He's just weird in general Also hi
  6. hey

    Don't mind him, he's usually like this
  7. Digital and DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates

    Do not necro rez threads if you are not going to post anything relevant
  8. hi

    This does not appear to be an RP, maybe you meant to put this in introductions?
  9. Do not insult other users please As well, keep this discussion under control. If it starts getting wild I will lock it
  10. Otomai's Hunters (Wakfu RP Recruitment Thread)

    Figured I might as well post the character I will be playing, she will act as the groups healer basically so y'all can focus on the fightin' Due to the time this RP takes place I had to alter her a bit and make her older, but she's generally the same, not that'd you'd notice. Name: Cesse Gender: Female Class: Eniripsa Age: 30 (at the time of this RP, she's younger on her original sheet) Weapon: Flower wand to cast healing spells and branding based fire spells (brands have different effects on enemies or allies); backup vials with various effects Height/Weight: 4’11”, 90lbs Appearance: (note this is her younger self, though there won't be much difference other than a tiny bit of aging, she is an Eni after all) Personality: Shy, and timid. She prefers to avoid confrontation, but is always there to help her allies with her healing words (though usually behind the tougher ones); she is not a fighter and requires protection. Background: Born in the Eniripsa Kingdom, she resides in Bonta outside it's capital (which is also called Bonta) with her family. She's known through parts of the city for her healing prowess and for being married to a reknowned Gobbowl captain. For those of you curious, Gobbowl is popular sport in the Krosmoz universe, it's basically rugby but with a twist, and it's SUPER popular in Bonta, professional teams are treated like celebrities there.
  11. Throw something at the user above you.

    *throws a present* (It's filled with neatly packaged rice)
  12. Otomai's Hunters (Wakfu RP Recruitment Thread)

    No worries, I won't force ya
  13. Otomai's Hunters (Wakfu RP Recruitment Thread)

    If anyone did that, I would smite them. Don't worry about judgement here, this is roleplay