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  1. Badshot

    Show off your sparys.

    It was this But I recently switched to this to spite people. Temporarily. No it isn't porn... just the mascot.
  2. Badshot

    S5 Episode 20 - Discussion

    Weaponized love. No thanks...
  3. Badshot


    I found this little gem a few days ago, this animator is amazing.
  4. Oh my god I just found out what your avatar is. For the Swarm!

    1. Cerebret


      Changeling... You seek to serve the swarm? Interesting... Your essence will be enough.

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Your just now figuring that one out, BadShot? :rariwhat:


      Besides, my life belongs to Aiur.

  5. Badshot

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

  6. Oh how grand. Our Internet provider is being a shithead, I can't use the internet or watch any TV and I don't usually go to bed for another 7 HOURS. And I'll kill the data if I use it all night... greaaaaaat.

    1. Badshot


      Hallelujah, false alarm. Guess they had some hiccup or something.

  7. Badshot

    S5 Episode 20 - Discussion

    Am I the only one who thought Marble was the genderswap version of Big Mac minus the strength? No? Ok. *crawls back into Cave* Good episode though, I could've sworn that rock was gonna crack and reveal a huge geode.
  8. Badshot

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    I would recommend separate threads, you can convert this to an OOC thread to keep it less cluttered if you wish, and it will make it easier to denote OOC to actual Rping.
  9. Badshot

    Roleplay 101

    Ah yes ty rt, I haven't gotten around to expanding this for a while.
  10. Badshot

    Fun stories

    Started playing Trove again because I was bored one night. Was playing as one of the new classes, the Tomb Raiser, an OP as fuck class that's basically a necromancer, so he has a bunch of minions that can combine into one tanky super minion. All of them aggro enemies and the big one is tough as nails and hits like a wall to the face if he's big enough. Anyway, I was playing around doing dungeons and such when I inadvertantly started following this Lunar Lancer around (newest class, can pack a heck of a punch) and we just started running dungeon after dungeon. We never said a word to eachother for like half an hour till he finally sent me a friend request. Then we ran dungeons for another half an hour. Much loot was had.
  11. Badshot

    S5 Episode 19 - Discussion

    As with the last on- OH GOD DAMMIT THAT'S MY LINE!
  12. My last one was the shark Duke thing on hard (not the wall of flesh hard)... Yeah they're fucked.
  13. Badshot

    Fun stories

  14. Badshot

    Random life stories.

    I was my family's Houdini (minus the dying part) when I was a baby apparently, I would often escape from my crib and the house and get brought home by the police. Not even locked doors could keep me inside, I would just grab a chair and unlock it or remove what ever was keeping it closed. (we had sliding glass doors so you could put a rod in the track to stop it from opening) I was smart. I even hacked in to my parents computer (I knew the password I guess) and dumped a ton of files by accident, when they found me I think I was playing Wolfenstein from what they told me.
  15. Badshot

    Wat Do?!

    Punch the guy in the face out of the pure testosterone generated from the intensity, then run off screaming with my arms in the air. What? You're smashed, don't have a phone, everything is closed, don't have money for a cab (but you have a car), and you need to get home before your wife gets pissed, wat do?
  16. Badshot

    Wat Do?!

    Solve them, or at least attempt, maybe my brain will explode so I can leave. You suddenly find yourself without a mouth or arms, how do you communicate?
  17. Badshot

    What Makes You Cringe In TF2?

    Unless the spy has an amby and is a good shot with it and can dodge flares. Take the pyro down and that engi is done for.
  18. Badshot

    King of the Hill

    I'll tell you what!
  19. Badshot

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Good thing I never bought the game Also yay 100 posts
  20. Badshot

    Fun stories

    Necro rez! I wanna hear more stories. Here's a simple one from WoW, was doing a raid on my rogue against Margok or whoever the big ogre guy. We wipe and someone calls for a dps list. I go, "I already know I'm not on the list." "Actually you're #10" What... He brought up the list and sure enough I was 10 on the list for dps. I was honestly amazed I did that well. Also that explains why we wiped, I was doing better damage than over 50% of the group!
  21. Badshot

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    Not bad, I would post one myself but I need to refine my characters a bit. Plus I have other things to deal with.
  22. Badshot


    the one you're think of had a link to the SoundCloud version, this is a video.
  23. I stopped doing costumes around 13 or something, I had no one to go with. Now I'm one of those that hands the candy out. But my worst one was a last minute thrown together one and I said I was a soccer player during winter season. I just had on one of my sweatshirts and fleeces and some sweats. It was cold out. Oh and a sweat band.
  24. Badshot

    Minecraft Skin request

    Im sure someone can do it but, have you tried this site? It allows anyone to create and download their own custom skins, easy as shit to use. You can even make texture packs with the site.
  25. Badshot

    OC Master List

    Put an addendum on the original post, nothing negative, just adding something.