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  1. Badshot

    S5 Episode 18 - Discussion

    It was quite good, DT is off my shit list now, and her mother is taking her place!
  2. Total record for computer crashes in one night: 5

    Status on new computer: TBA

    Procrastination Status:

    1. WeAreBorg


      I see what you did there.

  3. Badshot


    Invasion update featured a map with a new gamemode, you kill enemies and grab the beers they drop and give it to the aliens. It says that voice clip you hear when one of your allies (or you) enter the beam to drop off beers.
  4. Badshot


    So this is a thing. I LOVE IT!
  5. He tastes like chicken, but I'm not sure I didnt get a second taste because my taste buds died.
  6. Badshot

    Let's See How Far We've Come [SFM]

    Neat *takes picture*
  7. Badshot

    The least/most skilled class in TF2

    For me everything is hard, because I'm good as a sniper one day, then I'm complete shit the next. Amazing scout, then oh god why do I even try. From gibbing groups with a rocket to blowing myself up trying to kill a close scout and the scout still lived. The only consistent one is spy... Especially with the nerf rendering my normal enforcer/YER loadout completely null.
  8. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    I love that feather, and I'm close to flying, I need some more rep.
  9. I have money together to build a computer straight from scratch. Well most of it, but I will. I got the case, an Ultra Defender 2 that my dad got from a warehouse that was throwing some out because they had some defects (the one he grabbed has a small crack on the top.) Thing still had the foam and everything, even had the plastic film on the glass display side. Talk about a score. Anyway I still need everything else, but the multitude of options is making my brain fizzle. So this is what I want, a high end gaming computer that can run ultra settings on most modern games with good fps. (60 minimum) I have around 1.6k right now I can spend and have a source of income if I need a bit more, so I can go up to 2k. I also need this to run animation programs but I'm sure that won't be hard when I'm specing this for gaming. It can also handle water cooling systems if that changes anything. Here's some pictures of the case.
  10. Like I said of I need more money, I can get more.
  11. Badshot

    Post yer desktops

    Now that's what I'm talking about, covered in icons. I like it.
  12. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

  13. Badshot

    Wildstar F2P

    I would like to join, but apparently it can't connect to the bloody servers. Great first impression here... Just looked up their twitter and apparently the "MegaServers" I guess that what they call their servers, are down for maintenance... why do all MMOs do their maintenance on a Tuesday....
  14. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    Cool, I got 100 blood elf rogue. What's your server?
  15. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    I might add ya. You horde or alliance?
  16. trust me i plan on going all out.
  17. Badshot

    Patreon Hack

    Yay more useless nonsense happening in the internet, wake me up when facebook gets hacked because reasons.
  18. Badshot

    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    *Looks for good ones*
  19. Badshot

    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    Add changelings please, we had tons of emoticons even one with a shark shaking a keyboard while he bit the monitor but no changelings.
  20. Badshot

    Wildstar F2P

    Oh shit that happens today... I might get on sometime this week, my schedule is packed...
  21. Mars Water. I'd drink it. God I hope they speed up this whole progress thing... I wanna see aliens, and not the illegal ones.
  22. Badshot

    What Makes You Cringe In TF2?

    With the whole strange/unusual/etc. stuff, only one answer to that. Vanity. People. Love. Vanity
  23. Badshot

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    Well they did the impossible. I think after 6 days at the asylum and all the people saying they couldn't do it, Twitch bucked up and set out to prove the internet wrong. Well played.