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  1. Badshot

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    What of kalameet?
  2. Badshot

    Minecraft Mineplex

    I have before, good place if you're bored and want to play with a lot of people.
  3. Stop it, I sealed those memories away so I wouldn't feel sad.
  4. Badshot

    S5 Episode 15 - Discussion

    Don't toy with me.
  5. Badshot

    S5 Episode 15 - Discussion

    Isn't Soarin the leader? I think Spitfire is like head of recruitment or something but not the captain.
  6. Badshot

    Wildstar F2P

    I could possibly join, if I get tired of WoW again, but I'm part of a guild now so probably won't for a while because this guild is pretty active. Even joined a guild raid.
  7. Badshot

    What do you do to calm down?

    Play video games, it serves as an outlet for my rage so it doesn't build up too much, especially with my current job, lots of stress. If it builds up too much I can start to get a bit angry at people, but after playing some games (and a bit of muffled yelling) I feel better. I used to have a huge tolerence to idiocdy and insults, but lately it shrunk a bit.
  8. Badshot

    MVM list

    I got you added already, but I'm ready to run medic, engie, money scout, or heavy.
  9. Badshot

    Friendship is Violence

    Hey guys it's me discord. *does midair backflips and explodes things*
  10. Badshot

    If.... (forum game)

    Suck it up and beat the shit out mother for trying to sacrifice me. If you lived in the TF2 universe and were in the badlands (where most of the stock maps take place) what would you do?
  11. Badshot

    OC Master List

    Go ahead and post it if you want, plus RPs aren't restricted to ponies, you can make it humans, anthromorphics, or some future setting with like 20 different races. All characters are welcome, just some RPs may have restrictions. I may post some of my OCs later today.
  12. Badshot

    S5 Episode 14 - Discussion

    Is no one going to talk about that magazine guys face when rarity was beginning to describe the princess dress? I rolled over in laughter when I saw that.
  13. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    Well looks like I'm doing nothing tonight, I get home from work (which was hell today mind you) ready to play some more and wouldn't ya know it. My internet cable is either broken or unplugged. I don't know which because I can't get to the router to figure it out due to it being above my brothers bed which my mom is currently sleeping inin because her and my dad's bed has bedbugs. So the one night I have a shitty work day and my internet decides to be annoying, is the one night I can't do shit about it. Looks like I'm calling it an early night and wait for my mom to wake up so I can fix it... Also, we need a rant thread.
  14. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    Yeah I sent a request for one to get the rest.
  15. Badshot

    OC Master List

    I myself don't mind. But with those you will have to ask the DM if it ok to use them. I have a few myself that I've used before.
  16. Badshot


    I got a few frames on there. My favorite being my infinite hysteria Valkyr. Need something shredded? Just ring me up and I'll make sure you dont remember what you sent me to kill in the first place by the time I'm done.
  17. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    Another day, another dozen dungeons. I also got my first heirloom items, the two warlock looking ones from the darkmoon faire. I did that secret stash quest for like 100 tickets and got the robe and spaulders. One question though, is Silas secret stash repeatable? If so I'll just keep farming it with my priest, else I'll just get my alts and farm it. Next month anyway And make more to farm it further
  18. Badshot

    PF2 Roleplay Junkie Incoming!

    RT! Good to see you, as you can see I am already the Dungeon Master and Best Changeling.
  19. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    Mines a priest, so like 2 of the 3 specs are healing specs :V I went with disc and just keep spamming flash heal and power word: shield I need to buy some heirlooms with my rouge though, I have about 4.5k sitting around.
  20. Badshot

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    When I fought Manus I had the luck to get a summon sign for a player with really heavy armor on. He basically tanked all the damage and beat him to bits while I stayed back and drank estus when he needed it. I did do some hits but I didn't have the armor nor health to handle him.
  21. Badshot

    Twitch Plays Dark Souls

    Oh artorias and the shadow moneky thing is gonna be fun. I also wanna see them try kalamet
  22. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    So I finally got past the Draeni quests, and since whatshisface didn't give a quest to go anywhere else afterwards. I just started running dungeons. And to be honest, healing isn't as hard as some make it out to be. Sure I made a few mistakes but I kept us from wiping completely.