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  1. Fern was behind the pony and the alien creature in a pouncing position, as she watched the beast's tail swish back and forth. She's very easily entertained... Suddenly she goes for the pounce, ready to grab it and... and then she gets grabbed by the collar by the glowing novakid cowboy. Allen: "That's enough Fern..." Allen drags the disappointed Floran over to the park area, where another nova, this time blue and appeared to be female, and a human looking person (also female) were waiting. Tetra (the other nova): "She's quite easy to distract isn't she." Allen: "More so she's too damn curious." Tori (the human): "What is that thing she was following anyway?" Allen: "Like I have any clue. This place got a bar?" Tetra: "I think there's one over there." Allen: "Good, lets get movin'..." ("Hmm a male nova and three females of various races... Allen's got his own personal harem... if Novakids had genitals...") (Imagination plz...)
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    Discord speaking less contractions

    Thank you frec
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    Show me your OC!

    Huh, thought I posted in here once... Guess not, probably couldn't decide WHICH oc to post. Since I have a ton...
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    Discord speaking less contractions

    Ok I got brought here from a report... How about all of you calm the heck down before I lock this thread...
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    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Huh... Im late to the party... ah well
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    Who's your favorite villain and why?

    Hmmmm... I wonder who...
  7. Cesse, seeing now that the weird beast is pacified... to an extent, decides to wander off, letting go of Tufi and allowing him to fly along beside her. She headed over to the tables that others were at, and looked for a place to sit, upon finding one she (obviously) sat down and pulled a book from her satchel and began to read, it looked like a novel of sorts. Fern however, kept trying to grab the beasts tail.
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    I'll run it past the admins, it'd be their decision
  9. No need to panic, mods were asleep I think. Your changeling mod had to come out of his dungeon to clean the mess up

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    I'm taking care of the bots now, seems they flooded in this time. Might take a bit. EDIT: Bots are now dealt with I believe, report any stray spam topics or bots
  11. Fern reacted by attempting to catch the tail as it swung, she frantically, though fruitlessly, attempted to grab it again and again. Why? Probably to eat it or something... Cesse looked down at the equine referring to her and the construct. "Oh um, I don't know... it's more up to him I guess." Referring to the construct, "Oh and I'm Cesse, and this is Tufi." She holds out the little chicken like being in her hands that looked like a ball of yellow feathers.
  12. Cesse simply stared at the creature, unsure what to make of it. Cesse: "I don't know I just don't want it near me..." As she slowly floated a few feet back to distance herself while Tufi also stared from the confines of Ceese's hands. Fern however had different ideas. Fern: "Creature looksss tasssty." Imagination who I gave a voice and allowed to take part: "Fern no, no eating the inhabitants." Fern then became sad. Sad plant person is sad. (That's all I got)
  13. While Fern and Cesse diverted their attention to the sudden Zerg creature, showing two different reactions. One curiosity and one fear... Again... You guys are going to give the poor girl a heart attack... A small yellow ball of feathers peaked out from under the flap of Ceese's satchel, revealing large eyes and small beak similar to a chicken, and small nubs that appeared to be it arms/wings. It quickly squeezed itself out from the satchel and began to quickly flap it's wings like a hummingbird, surprisingly, it stays aloft. It quite literally looked like a ball of yellow feathers, but also had two oval shaped orange feet. It was only about a few inches in diameter. Sorta like a large meatball. It had no idea where it was, so it went towards the first thing it saw, which was a large metal construct. Flying up to its face, it then took interest in the creature on the construct's shoulder, flying near it. It showed a curious expression, completely oblivious to any potential danger, until he is suddenly grabbed by dainty hands belonging to the Eniripsa, who had flown up to retrieve him. "Tufi, don't do that, how many times have I told you to not fly up to strangers... Especially... Whatever that thing is." The bird gave back a muffled chirp, clearly feeling guilty.
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    Roleplay suggestions

    Kingdom hearts actually sounds kinda fun, I'll think about it
  15. (I had that thought, but I couldn't remember its name, anyway, glad to see him make it) Still a little frightened, but slowly calming down, knowing that it won't try to hurt her at least, not that it could... She spoke softly, but a scared tone was still present. "I'm uh... Cesse, I'm just an Eniripsa, I'm basically a healer of sorts..." Suddenly a flash of green streaks across the hub, stopping at Deorward, this streak is then revealed to be Fern the Floran, who was attracted to the construct by it's armor, she showed zilch fear but more immense curiosity. The sudden appearance of this figure made Cesse jump and have possibly a mini heartattack... Fern isn't exactly a friendly sight which her claw like hands, mandible like mouth, plant based body and tribal clothing. And also the fact that she was a tad primitive in the thinking bits. Cesse: "Uhhh... Hi there..." Fern gave no response, as she was fixiated on the giant
  16. She had the look of fear in her eyes, her thin frame and lack of any apparent fighting skill or even weapon makes it clear that she is absolutely zero threat to just about anything. Despite her fear she managed to continue speaking, even if shakily. "U-um... so who or w-what exactly are you? N-not that it's a problem or a-anything... Just uh... c-curious" (Also going on a limb here, he's from dark souls ain't he?)
  17. (Lol read first post again, any characters are allowed from anything, there are no rules here save for general forum rules and no weapons)
  18. (You need to give a bit more effort, be more descriptive and actually approach a character rather than just say you're talking to them, for all we know you could be across the room talking to yourself) Anyways, the overgrown fairy, who btw stood at a meager 4'11" to give you a perspective, stared up at the metal giant who was oddly quiet. Letting out a pathetic whimper she managed out a meek sounding "Hi" with a shaking wave of a hand
  19. The young fairy looking person glanced towards the sound of the crashing, startled. Though even more so once she saw what caused it, she immediately buzzed her wings and floated in the other direction, skittish one she is. Only to run into a giant hunk of metal that just appeared out of nowhere. After shaking off her light collision that the other likely didn't even notice, she looked at what she hit, and proceeded to more and more lift her head until she saw what was supposedly the face of the giant. Needless to say she was a tad frightened.
  20. (I guess I should do something) ("Yeah ya should") (Stay out of this.) Allen and Fern wander off to somewhere, Allen likely looking for a pub. Meanwhile one of the more humanoid characters of BadShot's decides to wander around and explore, the overgrown fairy looking one to be precise, she pretty much looks like a loli with bug wings... (don't judge me, also she isn't underaged so go away Mr. Hansen) She seemed to be curious of everything but also slightly uneasy, lots to take in and all...
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    Roleplay suggestions

    If I choose that I'm sure I'll figure something out
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    The Wildest School Stories

    Oh I know that feeling, being the quiet guy who never talks I always get paired with the worst class.
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    The Wildest School Stories

    Near the end of my senior year there was a legit food fight in the cafeteria, shit started flying everywhere. Some tried to pile outside into the hallway to escape the chaos, on my way out I got clocked in the head with a milk carton. Thankfully I never gave a fuck. The staff though were pissed
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    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I never commented on this... huh... well its an OC of mine, and I had JunkiesNewb draw it, since then its been my default avatar for everything