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    Hey there.

    Trust me, you'll find them. Welcome.
  2. To whoever gave me the dungeon master title, I give you cookies as well. Just like PF2, it'll never be the same, but I appreciate the effort. Danke.
  3. Yeah my account got deleted after the update for some reason... I'm not typing everything again except I will be using that RP thread because I was the dungeon master of my old community which was Pony Fortress 2. Yo, I'm another from Pony Fortress 2.There I was best changeling, so I shall be best changeling here, any who oppose me shall find themselves missing a liver.Also I hear you guys made a roleplay forum, that was likely for me, as I was the dungeon master on PF2. I shall get to work on that immediately, or at least in the next few days.I also may be weird at times.And if my master is already here please make yourself present, you know who you are.If you wish to know more simply ask.
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  5. Badshot


    Whatever, I'm ready for some medic badassery.
  6. Good to see you all, and with PF2 now officially dead, my attention goes here. I shall make use of the RP forum in due time.
  7. Badshot

    RIP PF2

    Good night sweet prince...
  8. Badshot

    World of Warcraft

    I do plan to join this game again. Eventually... I may start a new character though, I sorta cheated with my main when I used the free lvl90 upgrade.
  9. Aha more familiar faces. One of your leaders has already accepted the obvious.
  10. Badshot

    Gamer tags

    Steam: There's a lot of BadShots... BadShot#1663
  11. Ah, ok then, just my luck. I do like some of the changes, though the enter spaces twice thing is a little weird. I like to keep my stuff organized rather than sprawled out all the way to the end of the text box. Also thanks for copy pasting the last post for me.
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    Hello again... since my account got deleted with the forum update, so did my last post... So I will state again... I will explain this roleplay thing in detail in the next few days, I have to write up a draft as it can complex yet simple at the same time. As well I will post other threads to help with such and eventually get a game going. I am the former dungeon master of my old community, even had a title for such. I wouldn't call myself an expert but if you have any questions after I post the main thread, feel free to ask.