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  1. It is December... time for festive avatars :V

    1. Havocbyte


      I already changed mine.

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      Where all the Krampus avatars at then? :rariwhat:

    3. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      And thankfully none of... those avatars around... :rariwat:

  2. Badshot

    Create an OC!

    how could you miss it it's pinned It's alright, We could use this for OC storytelling
  3. Badshot

    Create an OC!

    I believe my OC Master List already solved this problem, but I guess if anyone wishes to go in depth in background with their OCs here, I won't mind.
  4. Badshot

    The Job - OOC Thread

    Umm.. this rp kinda died, I've yet to close it up. Plus the recruitment for this was almost a year ago actually (holy hell it's been that long?)
  5. Badshot

    The Job - OOC Thread

    Post any out of character comments, questions, or conversations in this thread. Spectators may also comment here.
  6. Badshot

    Roleplay 101

    The purpose of this thread is to help anyone who is looking to find out more about what Roleplaying is. This is just a draft however and will be built upon. If any of you have played an RPG or an MMORPG such as, Diablo, WoW, RIFT, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc. You have some idea of what a Roleplay is. To put it simply, you assume the role of someone else. You become them, their likes, dislikes, and traits are yours, you choose their actions and how they react. It’s like living a second life. You play a new role (see what I did there?) Now of course you are limited in some ways, the point is to not make this new role, you know… you. You’re someone else, of course they can be a copy of you, but that’s more of a persona. When you play an RPG or MMO you choose what they look like and their class. That’s it. In a Roleplay or creating a full fledged character you do more than their appearance. Like Fallout you choose their strengths and weaknesses. You can’t be this person who is a master swordfighter and an archmage and a master bowman (shutup Skyrim). You have to pick and choose what they will be skilled in, if any, and be lacking in the others. Now then, as for how a Roleplay works, there are two RP styles I use, (one more than the other). -Traditional and -Storyboard I personally enjoy Storyboard myself, now then lets explain what these are. Traditional Traditional is the basic medium of any RP and even RPGs, this includes stats, skill checks, weapon damage, and lots and lots of dice rolling. A few examples include: Dungeons and Dragons (not the MMO), Rifts (still not the MMO, this one is entirely separate), Castles and Crusades, Amazing Adventures, Vampires, and many others. A lot of things that happen are based on how skilled your character is, and how lucky your dice are, the higher the skill they need, the easier it is to pass. The higher the damage of a weapon, the faster enemies go down. The better your armor, the harder it is for enemies to hurt you. Simple as that. This does however limit what can happen, it’s hard to be very creative with your attacks when you just say, “I will attack this.” and roll a dice to see if you hit it or it somehow dodged (or your aim is downright horrible). However is makes it much more balanced and easier to do such, every character is limited by their skills, a warrior with an intelligence of 4 can’t read a magic scroll unless he somehow makes the roll, but this wizard with an intelligence of 8 can 90% of the time. Storyboard This one is my personal favorite, this lets your imagination do whatever the heck it wants, within the confines of the rp rules that is. This style allows players to be creative with what they do, detail out their attacks and actions and better develop a personality, it’s more focused on the story than the action. It’s like writing a Fanfic with a bunch of other people. This style is also as simple as it gets, with very little stats or sometimes none at all, what happens is based on what you do and how much the DM wants to be a dick. As with the story style, much of what you do has unsure outcomes, unless your character is alone, then you have full control of outcomes unless the DM says otherwise and decides to intrude on your little sidestory. As well, the DM can be as creative with enemies as he pleases, without figuring out its stats and be unlucky and get terrible rolls resulting in this supposedly badass enemy being a pushover. One of dad’s games (not on a forum, in a real life game with real dice,a table, and character sheets) had this happen to a miniboss enemy, 1st round and he rolls to strike, crit fails and kills himself, so much for that. Now then this is the basics, I will will add more complex topics as I go on, but this is enough for a thread at least. I will also be adding various other help threads such as a Hints and Tips, OC creation (I’m not an expert on that but we did have something on PF2 I can copy I think), and an OC Master list to place character sheets. As well, feel free to add any tidbits you feel I missed. But do remember I still have more to cover.
  7. Location: White Giant Star Cetri Alpha, Cetri Alpha III Dominant Race: Human Population: 16,000,000,000 Relative Earth Time: 16:00 Current Weather: Party cloudy The city is beginning to die down as the sun begins to set, at least on this part of the city. The sky lanes are mostly open with ground paths less crowded than usual, and all the high society types away in their homes. Doing whatever it is they do. The lower districts however, as they don't normally get much sunlight, are still bustling. The local bars are packed with citizens and visitors alike drinking what remained of the day away. Lower markets were still busy with individuals buying and selling wares, and nightclubs so loud there's been more than one noise complaint. And let's not forget the black markets carefully eyeing for patrolling law force. But among all the commotion of this city's nightlife, an old apex woman, graying more than 100 year old human, sits at a table in one of the alleyways, waiting for someone, either alone or a group, to do something for her. There have been whispers that she's looking for mercenaries, people who can infiltrate a high security location and assassinate someone, but won't tell who, and she's paying quite well. (Post your intros everyone.)
  8. No, it'll uhh... melt your skin off... Also I've made stuff like this before, what do you think I do in my dungeon?
  9. I need to do more here...

    What good is a mod if he only lurks?

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      Cyber Commander

      *worms around the floor* I don't know what you are talking about.

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      You can try to revive your section

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      That was the idea, I have plans, I just need to get around to it

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    Sona-Sundays(Free OC/Sona Drawings)

    Hmmm tempting... Have at thee.
  11. *hides experimental age reversal potion* Yep no cure at all.
  12. Badshot


    I think I'm going to regret asking this but what did they do last year?
  13. Badshot

    Half-awake thoughts

    On the last one, it is thanks to ARK that I even knew what you were referring to.
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    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    I'll deal with this eventually, I have plans for future rps, sorta anyway. Likely put some up to a vote in the future.
  15. Aww yugo died... well he's kinda immortal anyway. He'll just be reborn. But yay Eva won
  16. Well all thats left is Yugo and Eva Also damn Toki! Just gonna leave her like that? inb4 Yugo wins because portals
  17. "Shimmes her shammies" Yep... sounds like her.
  18. Jesus Christ pinkie, 5 kills on day 1. Also GOD DAMMIT
  19. Badshot

    LFG- Warframe

    I need to update it, but I need to dust off my Valkyr. Corpus pants aren't going to shit themselves!
  20. HELL PUT IN THE REST! IT'S A WAKFU PARTY! Yugo Percedal Ruel (inb4 percy fuzes with rubi and kills everyone)
  21. Well shit if amalia is going in might as well put in her bff Evangeline Let them kill each other...
  22. I'm jumping in on this and nominating the staff too, cause why not. Should probably use my normal avatar though.
  23. Badshot

    Japan's Horse Dating Game

    Welp... I got nothing.