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  1. 10 hours ago, Zakru said:

    I was thinking:


    A Mafia type RPG with many roles. From all the applicants 15-20 are chosen, each with a random role set by the DM. Traditional day-phase-night-phase rotation, at day the people can vote to lynch someone (or no-one), and at night players with "night abilities" could use theirs, etc. etc.


    The only problem while planning this, I found, was that during the day, conversation would be really hard because of the way the forums work, if one day didn't match one real-life day. But I think people would be fine with up to a two real-life days long day-night cycle.


    Opinions? (I could probably host one, I have nothing else to in some time.)

    So basically town of salem

  2. 2 hours ago, Blazin' Blue said:

    It's my post,  not yours,  so NO! :anger:

    Snipped from forum rules


    Friendship is Magic. Regardless of how close to your heart and soul you hold the lessons of friendship taught by our favorite show, we can all agree that being friendly towards your fellow forum goers is best for everyone. This place is for you and everyone so have a good time and make some friends! Use your words for wisdom on the forum and save your weapons for war in one of our game servers. Be respectful of other forum users. Personal attacks on other members are most certainly not allowed.

    (End of snip)


    We are allowed to enforce this rule if needed, regardless if it's your post or not.


    It started out a simple post but now you are trying to start drama

  3. Fern was behind the pony and the alien creature in a pouncing position, as she watched the beast's tail swish back and forth. She's very easily entertained...

    Suddenly she goes for the pounce, ready to grab it and...

    and then she gets grabbed by the collar by the glowing novakid cowboy.

    Allen: "That's enough Fern..."

    Allen drags the disappointed Floran over to the park area, where another nova, this time blue and appeared to be female, and a human looking person (also female) were waiting.

    Tetra (the other nova): "She's quite easy to distract isn't she."

    Allen: "More so she's too damn curious."

    Tori (the human): "What is that thing she was following anyway?"

    Allen: "Like I have any clue. This place got a bar?"

    Tetra: "I think there's one over there."

    Allen: "Good, lets get movin'..."


    ("Hmm a male nova and three females of various races... Allen's got his own personal harem... if Novakids had genitals...")

    (Imagination plz...)

  4. Cesse, seeing now that the weird beast is pacified... to an extent, decides to wander off, letting go of Tufi and allowing him to fly along beside her.

    She headed over to the tables that others were at, and looked for a place to sit, upon finding one she (obviously) sat down and pulled a book from her satchel and began to read, it looked like a novel of sorts.


    Fern however, kept trying to grab the beasts tail.

  5. Fern reacted by attempting to catch the tail as it swung, she frantically, though fruitlessly, attempted to grab it again and again. Why? Probably to eat it or something...


    Cesse looked down at the equine referring to her and the construct.

    "Oh um, I don't know... it's more up to him I guess." Referring to the construct, "Oh and I'm Cesse, and this is Tufi." She holds out the little chicken like being in her hands that looked like a ball of yellow feathers.

  6. Cesse simply stared at the creature, unsure what to make of it.


    Cesse: "I don't know I just don't want it near me..." As she slowly floated a few feet back to distance herself while Tufi also stared from the confines of Ceese's hands.


    Fern however had different ideas.

    Fern: "Creature looksss tasssty."

    Imagination who I gave a voice and allowed to take part: "Fern no, no eating the inhabitants."


    Fern then became sad. Sad plant person is sad.

    (That's all I got)