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  1. Hello again... since my account got deleted with the forum update, so did my last post...

    So I will state again... I will explain this roleplay thing in detail in the next few days, I have to write up a draft as it can complex yet simple at the same time. As well I will post other threads to help with such and eventually get a game going. I am the former dungeon master of my old community, even had a title for such. I wouldn't call myself an expert but if you have any questions after I post the main thread, feel free to ask.

  2. Yeah my account got deleted after the update for some reason...

    I'm not typing everything again except I will be using that RP thread because I was the dungeon master of my old community which was Pony Fortress 2.

    Yo, I'm another from Pony Fortress 2.

    There I was best changeling, so I shall be best changeling here, any who oppose me shall find themselves missing a liver.
    Also I hear you guys made a roleplay forum, that was likely for me, as I was the dungeon master on PF2. I shall get to work on that immediately, or at least in the next few days.

    I also may be weird at times.
    And if my master is already here please make yourself present, you know who you are.

    If you wish to know more simply ask.

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