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  1. (I had that thought, but I couldn't remember its name, anyway, glad to see him make it)


    Still a little frightened, but slowly calming down, knowing that it won't try to hurt her at least, not that it could... She spoke softly, but a scared tone was still present.

    "I'm uh... Cesse, I'm just an Eniripsa, I'm basically a healer of sorts..."


    Suddenly a flash of green streaks across the hub, stopping at Deorward, this streak is then revealed to be Fern the Floran, who was attracted to the construct by it's armor, she showed zilch fear but more immense curiosity. The sudden appearance of this figure made Cesse jump and have possibly a mini heartattack... Fern isn't exactly a friendly sight which her claw like hands, mandible like mouth, plant based body and tribal clothing.


    And also the fact that she was a tad primitive in the thinking bits.


    Cesse: "Uhhh... Hi there..."

    Fern gave no response, as she was fixiated on the giant

  2. She had the look of fear in her eyes, her thin frame and lack of any apparent fighting skill or even weapon makes it clear that she is absolutely zero threat to just about anything. Despite her fear she managed to continue speaking, even if shakily.


    "U-um... so who or w-what exactly are you? N-not that it's a problem or a-anything... Just uh... c-curious"


    (Also going on a limb here, he's from dark souls ain't he?)

  3. 10 minutes ago, ponygirl said:

    stop ignoring me

    im here look at my posts


    (You need to give a bit more effort, be more descriptive and actually approach a character rather than just say you're talking to them, for all we know you could be across the room talking to yourself)



    Anyways, the overgrown fairy, who btw stood at a meager 4'11" to give you a perspective, stared up at the metal giant who was oddly quiet. Letting out a pathetic whimper she managed out a meek sounding "Hi" with a shaking wave of a hand

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  4. The young fairy looking person glanced towards the sound of the crashing, startled. Though even more so once she saw what caused it, she immediately buzzed her wings and floated in the other direction, skittish one she is.


    Only to run into a giant hunk of metal that just appeared out of nowhere. After shaking off her light collision that the other likely didn't even notice, she looked at what she hit, and proceeded to more and more lift her head until she saw what was supposedly the face of the giant.


    Needless to say she was a tad frightened.

  5. (I guess I should do something)

    ("Yeah ya should")

    (Stay out of this.)


    Allen and Fern wander off to somewhere, Allen likely looking for a pub.

    Meanwhile one of the more humanoid characters of BadShot's decides to wander around and explore, the overgrown fairy looking one to be precise, she pretty much looks like a loli with bug wings... (don't judge me, also she isn't underaged so go away Mr. Hansen)

    She seemed to be curious of everything but also slightly uneasy, lots to take in and all...

  6. Near the end of my senior year there was a legit food fight in the cafeteria, shit started flying everywhere.


    Some tried to pile outside into the hallway to escape the chaos, on my way out I got clocked in the head with a milk carton.

    Thankfully I never gave a fuck. The staff though were pissed

  7. 1 hour ago, Linkuser said:

    Fallout or something Post Apocalyptic

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Stuck in a dream world, have to destroy the world's gaurdians to break free) or Something related to FF

    Mercenaries that get embroiled into a Civil War


    If you need help with any of these ideas let me know.



    Fallout is a given, everyone wants fallout.

    I'm not familiar all too much with FF, but I can do some research or something... only final fantasy game I truly played was Crystal Chronicles.

    Mercenaries is new though

  8. Alright so I'm tired of not doing any roleplays and want to do something to revive this section, however I can't really get any ideas that would attract people. So I'm gonna open this thread for people to pitch ideas.


    Note it does not have to be pony, I know most of you would want one regardless, but I tend to favor nonpony rps... but that's just me. I will run one of course, but as well...


    I will run a second nonpony RP for any that want something in a different universe where you can use hands and not change the pronouns for everything to pony.



    So go ahead and pitch stuff and I'll consider the choices along with a few that I have some thoughts about but not entirely sure on. You can also +1 them or something if someone already said what you were going to.

    Do note that I tend to go Storyboard style, for more about that, check the roleplay 101 thread that is in desperate need of expansion. One step at a time though.


    So uh yeah, pitch away.